The Intention Room: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Our most recent project found us designing tranquil spaces for a client with an active social life and busy travel schedule. For our client who is always on-the-go, it was at the top of her priority list to have her bedroom feel like a boutique hotel that would welcome [...]

Chair Reupholstery BEFORE & AFTER

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Here at LiLu Interiors, we are big proponents of reupholstering good quality furniture, rather than purchasing new furniture on a budget. They don't always make them like they used to! Have you been given furniture that isn't really your style? And were you tempted to donate it out [...]

Healthy Home Tips – Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July!  Did you know that over 120 million take this pledge every year to not use single use plastic for the entire month!  The website explains all of the details and even lets you take the pledge.  What I found as I started looking into this challenge was really how much [...]

Guest Bedroom/Den Update – Peek at a Project

The room of many functions This Guest Bedroom/Den has many functions for our clients in their downtown urban condominium.  Its' first function is a den.  It serves as another sitting area to watch television, read a book or just get away while the other may be catching up on their favorite television show.  It [...]

New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess

New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess I first met Stacy Kunstel at Blog Fest, sponsored by Kravet in 2011. At the time, she told me she had a candelabra business. Since then, her business with husband, Michael Partenio has flourished and I’ve become a steadfast fan. They have created a line that is a new [...]

Wildflowers-Look of the Day

Wildflowers.  To me, they are so dreamy.  The fields of flowers as you drive by or stop to have a picnic are my idea of a perfect moment of time.  The colors they portray, the random mix of wild growth even though it doesn't feel random but rather perfectly planned.  I could sit in [...]

Wildflower Color Inspiration: Is imitating Nature the Best Inspiration?

Wildflower Color Inspiration One of the first environmental conservation efforts I was aware of was Lady Bird Johnson’s initiative to restore native plants and wildflowers to the country’s landscapes. Initially, the idea took the form of the Highway Beautification Act in the mid 60’s and later took the form of Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower [...]

Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs – Oh My! Peek at a Project

Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs - Oh My! Today's Peek at a Project is a Peek at our Process... We are designing a living room space for our client and now that we have established their goals for the space (invites conversation, comfortable for homeowner/supports their back, provide lounging space to read and watch television [...]

The KEY Ingredient for a Perfect Interior-According to LiLu

A Hurried World We live in a hurried world, as things speed up our expectations have changed. I sometimes find myself wanting people to speak more quickly, respond to an email immediately and walk speedily. Then I quiet myself and tap into the wisdom of mindfulness and what I know to be true. Sometimes [...]