29 March, 2020

Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu’s Look of the Day


Soothing Color Palettes - LiLu's Look of the Day

Creating soothing color palettes is a great way to make your home feel like a haven from the outside world. Check out some of LiLu's favorite colors for creating calm featured in these spaces designed by LiLu Interiors. Creating a calm, serene, soothing space in a bedroom, bathroom or living space is an intention for many home owners.
Today we are sharing photos of some of serene spaces LiLu Interiors has designed for our clients and a color palette inspired by the space. We hope to inspire you to create your own soothing color palette and have your home be a calm retreat for you!

Master Bedroom

This master bedroom uses a soothing color palette that has both warm and cool tones. While the over all color palette is neutral and white, note the pillows on the bed have a hint of a soft aqua and there is an accent pillow on the window seat with a variety of colors.
When you build a color palette around neutral tones it can be easy to freshen up your space with a simple change of pillows. Read more about freshening up a space with a few simple changes in this blog post 5 Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring.
While we don't share the exact items that are in the exclusive designs for our client, we are sharing some shoppable accessory items that will help you create a room inspired by this color palette. We may receive a small commission for the support of our blog from the sales of these items. Your price will be the same no matter how you purchase.

Serene Bathroom

When we designed this small bathroom for a client, we based the color palette on the fabulous glass tile we found to use on the wall behind the vanity! Shades of blue, greens and a slightly gray, white create a spa-like but subtle color palette. It is one fine example of soothing color palettes.
This space is so serene it reminds us of a trend we are calling Serenity Now. If a serene space appeals to you you will find more inspiration in this post on Serenity Now featuring a mood board and spaces to inspire you. Like the blue in this palette? See more perfect blues in this fresh post!


Still soothing, this bathroom is a more grounded color palette in mid-tones. Blue, taupe and white are a crisp, classic color palette. This bathroom is a favorite soothing color palette project. Ever wondered if color really changes the mood and character of a space? Check out this post with a bathroom rendered in three different palettes.
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Pink Blush Bedroom

While soft, cooler tones are often thought of as spa-like and soothing, this bedroom is soothing in a different way. The whisper pink and blush color palette that is combined with gray greens is soothing and a refreshing departure from the typical color palettes we often see. Read more about the psychology of pink in this post.
Below you will find shoppable looks chosen to inspire you to get this soothing color palette bedroom looksoothing-spa-like-color-palettes-interior-designer-minneapolis-55405.jp

Dining Room

Using a green as your main neutral in a space is also a way to create a calming color palette. Because green is a color we find in nature it is grounding. If you like green, it was a big trend at High Point market in 2016. Read more here. It's really a classic!
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Soothing Color Palettes

Guest Bedroom

Soft blues and ground greens combine in this guest bedroom to create a sophisticated, serene room that is cozy and welcoming. We started with the sham fabric and created the color scheme from that one fabric. If you are working on creating a soothing bedroom starting with a fabric you find beautiful and calming is a great way to find inspiration.
Need help creating a room with a sense of calm and serenity? Call LiLu Interiors and we can work together to create a beautiful bedroom.

Home Office

Often offices are spaces where you might typically feel stress and need focus. Color can play a role in creating a perfect office where you feel calm and energized at the same time. Here we used a soft gray with a lavender undertone and to keep things energized a white and deep purple for contrast. Contrast is a way to create interest and energy in space. Carefully composing the color balance is key to a soothing and focused environment.
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Explore Your True Colors

If you are exploring colors to use in your home take the quiz below to find an interior color palette with neutrals, accents, and grounding colors just for you!
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Bedroom Before and After

See the transformation of this master bedroom. It is always fun to see before and after photos.  Call LiLu Interiors and we can work together to create a beautiful bedroom.
Before after decor bedroom