De-stress at Home. Storage to Keep Your Home Serene – According to LiLu

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Designing home storage solutions to keep stress at bay is all about creating visual order. De-stress = de-clutter. A serene home is an organized home. By designing a place for everything it makes it convenient to put things back where they belong. A serene home to some might mean out of sight out of mind! [...]

The Story Behind Blissful Master Bath – According to LiLu

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Angi and her husband moved into their home in the North Metro with every intention of remodeling it from top to bottom. And five years ago, they did just that—almost. But before Angi could tackle the master bath kids entered the scene and the remodeling was placed on hold. Like any new parent, Angi was [...]

Five-Star Finish – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Our client wanted her master bath to feel like a five-star hotel. So we included several up-scale details and custom amenities in their design. All of these thoughtful adaptations can be stored out of site to keep the space free from clutter. And each one helped make her dream of a luxurious master bath a [...]

Blissful Master Bath – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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When homeowner Angi looked at their recently remodeled home, she couldn’t help but notice the one space that was left out. Her master bath. Like any new parent, Angi was focused on the needs of her children, not the desire to update their bathroom. So there it stayed, stuck in a time warp, while the [...]

Happy, Fresh Pillows for Spring – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Happy, Fresh Pillows for Spring is our Friday look of the day.  Here in Minnesota we are, dare we say, patiently waiting for Spring?  It just doesn't seem like it is EVER going to turn from winter to spring.  I know many of us are trying to keep positive so today's look of the day [...]

Top 5 Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring – According to LiLu

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Top 5 tips to refresh your home for spring. When spring arrives everyone is ready to embrace the new season and start fresh! As the season unfolds with fresh spring colors we should follow the natural cycle and give our home a new look as well. We have compiled 5 tips that are easy and [...]

Window Seat Refresh- Peek at a LiLu Project

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Window Seat Refresh- Peek at a LiLu Project Check out this window seat refresh! A favorite client had some lovely architectural details in her living room, but for some reason, the space just wasn't as inviting as it should have been. A fun woven fabric with threads in all the colors in the room freshened [...]

Spring Color!- LiLu’s Look of the Day

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Spring Color!- LiLu's Look of the Day OK, maybe Spring hasn't sprung quite yet. But you can bring some Spring into your interiors with these color palettes. If Mother Nature won't do it for you, do it yourself!