Giving Thanks

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Several years ago around this time of year I wrote a blog post entitled Attitudes of Gratitude, writing about our weekly practice of gratitude at LiLu staff meetings and shared a couple of my favorite books on gratitude. We have stayed true to this practice of Giving Thanks and we continue to begin every staff [...]

Sophisticated Nursery Finds for Your New Man

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Sophisticated Nursery Finds for Your New Man! LiLu is rounding up our favorite finds for creating a sophisticated baby boy nursery. If the new man in your life is telling you he would like a nursery of a higher caliber to match his discerning tastes, this blog is for you! Here are our top picks [...]

Welcoming a Baby with Intention-Nursery Interior Design Tips-According to LiLu

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By Lisa Peck, ASID One of the great joys in life is welcoming a new baby home! Parents want the new little person in their lives to have the perfect place to spend time sleeping, reading, and playing. All parents have the intention of providing the best of everything for their child. Designing a nursery [...]

A Nursery Gender Reveal! (Peek at a Project)

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A Nursery Gender Reveal!~ Peek at a Project At LiLu Interiors, we’ve been working on one of our most fun projects ever for one of our tiniest clients ever! We designed a baby nursery for an expecting mother who does not know the gender of her baby due in December….. BUT WE DO! We designed [...]

Great Design Books to Read This Fall Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Friday's LiLu Look of the Day features great design books to read this fall. Our "list" is an image of their beautiful covers, because they are beautiful design books! But don't judge a book simply by it's cover, once you dive in you will find that beyond their beautiful cover they will ignite your imagination, [...]

Obsessed with Reading at Home-According to LiLu Interiors

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by Lisa Peck, ASID Reading has been a lifelong obsession of mine. Reading can do so many things for us. We can learn a new skill, gain insight into other people, travel, have adventures, develop empathy and simply take a break from everyday life when we need it. I was one of those kids whose [...]

Reading Nook Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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Having an intentional home that supports your values starts with identifying what those values are. Attention all avid readers and book club members: how about designing a reading nook into your home? Creating the perfect space to read, whatever that means for you, allows you to live in your values.  Here is one example of [...]

Tips for Adding Showcase Flair to Your Home

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Tips for Adding Showcase Flair to Your Home by LiLu Interiors!

The Top Showhouses for Interior Design Inspiration-According to LiLu

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On Monday, we featured one of the top, best-attended showhouses in the country! Our very own ASID showcase home. There are many reasons to tour a Showhouse. One is that most showhouses benefit a local charity. Our ASID showcase home benefits the Junior Leagues of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Touring a Showhouse can also be [...]

ASID MN Showcase House- Check it Out!

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Today we're showing you a peek inside the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine ASID MN Showcase House on beautiful Lake Minnetonka. Fifteen designers each worked on different rooms in the 13,000 square foot home. The homeowners enjoy a wide array of styles and did not want to be tied down to one design aesthetic. Here are [...]