Our passion is for perfectly connecting everything someone values with how they want to live. No one can better tell the story of the magic that happens when this goal is achieved than our clients.

Client testimonial – Family home in Edina designed by LiLu Interiors
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Art of Family

Everything in our home now has a story behind it and was designed just for us.
- Anne
Edina, MN
Timeless Treasure Wayzata Review
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Timeless Treasure Two

Lisa has completed about 7 different projects for us over 20 years. The entire staff is exceptional – reliable and ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy!
- Joan
Wayzata, MN
Client testimonial – Mountain style home in Minneapolis designed by LiLu Interiors
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LiLu was brilliant at giving us amazing choices. They told us, 'You should love everything?' That was so liberating, and helped us realize and live in the home we've always dreamed of in the North Woods.
- Homeowner
Lutsen, MN
Posh Play House Minneapolis Client Testimonial
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We're not serious people and this was a very serious house. Pattern and color are really important to us. LiLu brought a light-hearted sense of fun into our new home, while respecting the historic architecture.
- Michael
Minneapolis, MN
Client testimonial – Modern, grand-kid friendly Minneapolis condo designed by LiLu Interiors
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LiLu has a gift for making a space work for how we live.
- Susie
Minneapolis, MN
Culinary Delight Happy Client Testimonial
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I wouldn't work with anyone else. LiLu knew exactly how to make this kitchen functional without sacrificing character.
- Heidi
St. Paul, MN
Client testimonial – Minneapolis condo designed by LiLu Interiors
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Luxe Loft

LiLu protected me with value engineering - they helped me focus the "wow factor" where it mattered most.
- Maria
Edina, MN
Client testimonial – Serene Minneapolis condo designed by LiLu Interiors
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LiLu was able to translate what I wanted for my home.
- Christy
Minneapolis, MN
Client testimonial – Luxury master bathroom in North Oaks designed by LiLu Interiors
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Blissful Master Bath

LiLu is a team of everyday people who do these grand things. They are really easy to work with.
- Angi
North Oaks, MN
Client testimonial – Traditional, welcoming, and comfortable home in Wayzata designed by LiLu Interiors
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LiLu gives me very personalized attention. They ask questions and listen to what I have to say. They know how to make a project successful.
- Joan
Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN
Client testimonial – Zero energy consumption home in Minneapolis designed by LiLu Interiors
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We wanted everything to be net zero, not just the house itself. Every interior finish and furnishing that was selected works to support the net zero concept. We could not have built this house without LiLu.
- Mark
Roseville, MN
Client testimonial – Minneapolis vintage master suite remodel by LiLu Interiors
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LiLu created something wholly unique and new that suits me and my husband perfectly. That's really what you want in a designer.
- Jenne
Northeast Minneapolis, MN
Client testimonial – Cottage home in Stillwater designed by LiLu Interiors
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Quiet Comfort

We wanted our house to feel calm and provide a safe place after a long day at work. LiLu helped us create just that-an easy and relaxing space.
- Jessica
Stillwater, MN
Blended To Perfection Edina Client Review
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Blended to Perfection

The LiLu Design Team brought an abundance of creativity and playfulness to the project and our relationship. They understood our taste but also helped to shape it.
- Stephanie
Edina, MN
Client testimonial – Modern condominium in Edina designed by LiLu Interiors
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Modern Masterpiece

It was a successful collaboration in which each design member brought ideas to the process that elevated the design as a whole; each of us offered detail and material ideas that improved the overall design
- Scott Newland,
Newland Architecture
Edina, MN