Edina, MN

Art of Family

A new home can be beautiful, yet lack soul. For a family with exquisite taste, and a love of the artisan and bespoke, LiLu created a layered palette of furnishings that express each family member’s personality and values. One child, who loves Jackson Pollock, received a window seat from which to enjoy the ceiling’s lively splatter wallpaper. The other child, a young gentleman, has a navy tweed upholstered headboard and plaid club chair with leather ottoman. Elsewhere, sustainably sourced items have provenance and meaning, including a LiLu-designed powder-room vanity with marble top, a Dunes and Duchess table, Italian drapery with beautiful trimmings, Galbraith & Panel wallcoverings, and a bubble table. After working with LiLu, the family’s Edina house has become their home.

Lilu’s Role

  • Designed and developed an overall concept and color palette based on our client’s lifestyle.
  • Selected interior finishes and composed materials palette.
  • Designed custom window treatments.
  • Designed and drafted furniture space plans.
  • Selected and purchased furnishings and fabrics.
  • Selected decorative lighting fixtures.
  • Wrote interior specifications for use by contractor.
  • Designed custom window treatments.
  • Reviewed and revised shop drawings.
  • Worked with cabinet shop, workrooms and sub-contractors to implement design solution.


Photography: Chad Holder

Categories: Live Artfully