09 March, 2024

Color, The Key to Self Expression is Easier to Use Than Ever: KBIS 2024

Color is appearing everywhere - in fixtures, finishes, and fittings for kitchen and bath design. It is definitely an emerging trend in 2024, and the ultimate tool for personalization in kitchen and bath design. I recently attended KBIS in Las Vegas, where I saw the latest trends and tech in the kitchen and bath industry. There, I saw color boldly trending, transforming spaces into dynamic reflections of personal taste.

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Color Trend Takes Center Stage at KBIS

At KBIS, I was excited to see that the color trend is not confined to accent pieces; it's appearing everywhere, infusing kitchens and bathrooms with energy and personality. You may be apprehensive, remembering color trends from years ago that no longer work in your home, but fear not - the days of Harvest Gold and Avocado Green are long gone. Today's color palette offers a spectrum of options, ranging from bright and clear to soft pastels and earthy terrains. This fits the larger trend landscape of the moment too: personalization and self-expression are the new norms.


Bold and Energetic or Tranquil and Warm? Exploring the Color Trend

Why opt for a bright, clear hue over a subdued pastel or earthy color palette? Bright, clear colors evoke a sense of vitality and energy. They serve as a bold statement of personality, adding a sense of joy and vibrancy to the home.

On the other hand, pastel or earthy tones exude a sense of tranquility and warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere that soothes the soul. The choice between the two ultimately boils down to personal preference and the desired ambiance of the space.

At KBIS, a range of color palettes and personalities were featured, showcasing how versatile the current trend is.

Going All-In on the Color Trend: Kitchen Appliances and Cabinetry.

Kitchen appliances and cabinetry are at the forefront of the color trend revolution. In Vegas, I saw ranges, refrigerators, and hoods available in a daring array of colors, from bright and bold to soft pastels and earthy tones. If you're curious about implementing bold pops of color into your appliances or cabinetry, know that the key is to find the perfect balance between color and function. Opt for appliances that not only showcase your favorite hue but also meet your practical needs.

Take inspiration from these kitchen vignettes at the Cafe Appliances exhibit at KBIS, where the appliances were show-stopping focal points.









Infusing Pops of Color into the Bathroom: From Bathtubs to Tile

In the realm of bathroom design at KBIS, pops of color were making a splash. Incorporating a colorful bathtub, sink, faucet adds a playful touch to the space. If you're curious but hesitant to commit to a bold color scheme, opting for colorful tile offers a versatile solution. Whether used as a statement backsplash or a subtle accent, colorful tile adds depth and dimension to any bathroom design, allowing for endless possibilities for expression.



KBIS this year featured the powerful current color trend in kitchen and bath design. It's not just a passing trend; it's a celebration of individuality and self-expression, which is quite fitting for the cultural moment of 2024.



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Comments on Color, The Key to Self Expression is Easier to Use Than Ever: KBIS 2024
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    I definitely agree! Color and personalization are the hallmarks of trending design! So fun to see some of your discoveries at KBIS!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    I am so thrilled to see all of the options and how people finally have a way of expressing themselves with color! Your images are great, I am almost tempted to have my kitchen completely renovated with new colors! Great post LIsa!

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