28 October, 2023

The Style and Versatility of Metal Mesh

Metal mesh, a versatile design element with a rich history, can add a touch of character and elegance to your home in numerous ways. In today's blog, we'll explore how metal mesh can seamlessly blend functionality with style, enhancing the aesthetics of various spaces in your home.

The Traditional Charm of Chicken Wire in Home Design

Metal mesh has a fascinating history, with one of the earliest and most iconic forms being chicken wire. Traditionally used in agriculture, it has gracefully made its way into home design, contributing a unique character to various settings.

Beyond its original purpose, chicken wire has found its place in interior design, adding a rustic and industrial touch to homes. Use it to create decorative wall accents, stylish cabinet doors, or as partitions, introducing a sense of openness while maintaining a visual divide.


Metal Mesh in Kitchens: A Recipe for Style

In the heart of your home, the kitchen, this trendy material can be a game-changer. Its versatility shines as it combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Cabinet Door Inserts: Replace traditional cabinet panels with metal mesh to create a sleek, modern look while ensuring proper ventilation to your kitchen wares. The see-through quality adds depth and style to your culinary space.

Kitchen hood: Enhance your kitchen with meshy metals as a hood material. It's not just visually striking but also easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for a busy cooking area.

To bring these ideas to real life, we are currently working on a kitchen remodel in Omaha, NE. We are using metal mesh in the cabinet door inserts and kitchen hood in this in this project. Our clients decided to use metal mesh because they wanted an up-to-date kitchen that would stand the test of time. The two range wall renderings in the images below represent ideas we are considering using. Stay tuned for a later blog post that will feature a project reveal in the coming months.



Living Spaces

Your living spaces are where comfort and aesthetics converge, and mesh metal seamlessly complements both.

Decorative Wall Panels: Create a stunning focal point by using trendy mesh as wall/cabinet panels. Whether you opt for intricate patterns or simple designs, it's a unique way to infuse style into your living areas.

Coffee Table Design: Elevate the charm of your living room by selecting coffee tables with mesh metal bases. These not only look chic but also provide a sturdy foundation for your decorative items.

The versatility of this trendy material knows no bounds. It effortlessly adapts to different spaces within your home, adding character and style while maintaining functionality. Whether you're drawn to its traditional charm, incorporating it into your kitchen, or using it to redefine living areas, metal mesh is a design element that seamlessly weaves style into the fabric of your home.

Looking to add more textural elements to your home? Check out our post on How Visual Texture Creates an Intriguing Interior.

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Comments on The Style and Versatility of Metal Mesh
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa – I really like all the different ways you’ve used metal mesh in your design work. It’s such an interesting texture when mixed with light.

    Thanks for all of the info & eye candy!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    Ok I confess I was not as much of a fan as metal mesh as I am now! Beautiful blog post where you show so many ways of using it to add texture and a handsome design element into the room. I am now a fan (and I’m so glad I read this post!)

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love all these uses of metal mesh, Lisa, and the variety of moods it provides depending on the particular selection and use. The use of it to add texture to a kitchen hood is really unique and beautiful! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. Debi Newell says:

    Who would of thought such a simple material can make its way into the most luxurious of homes! A Designer for sure!! Neat post-

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