27 January, 2024

Dream Lake Home – Bunk Room

Continuing to reveal the rooms of our new construction dream lake home project. This bunk room is a unique addition to the home, and it's designed not just for rest, but for the creation of cherished memories. Keep reading as we reveal our design process to create a space that fosters bonds, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences.

Bunk Room Magic

A bunk room is a fun addition to a cabin or lake home that stands as a testament to the importance of shared memories. It becomes a hub where cousins and friends come together, creating sleepover experiences that extend beyond just a place to sleep. This is where bonds and formed and relationships are nurtured, making it an important part of the living story of this dream lake home project.



Sketch to Reality

Every design journey begins with a sketch, and the bunk room is no exception. We carefully considered the number of individuals the bunk room can comfortably accommodate, and decided to arrange three queen beds and three twin beds, so that the room comfortably sleeps nine, with no sacrifice to camaraderie.

Functional Design

Beyond aesthetics, the bunk room is the perfect example of functional design. Under-bed storage ensures a tidy space, preventing luggage and backpacks from cluttering the room. A dedicated closet provides ample space for clothes, maintaining an organized environment. Headboards that double as bookshelves add both charm and utility, creating a space for late-night reading without disturbing bunkmates!

Safety & Play

These construction drawings not only showcase the beauty of the bunk room but also highlight its functional aspects. Railings ensure safety, providing a secure environment for lake home guests. The open floor space invites games, for a sense of play and fun. It's a space designed for laughter and the making of lasting memories, without compromising aesthetics or safety.

As we continue to reveal the rooms of our dream lake home project, we hope you enjoy seeing the plans, elevations, and dimensional drawings that make it all possible. Stay tuned for more as the project progresses!


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Comments on Dream Lake Home – Bunk Room
  1. Charmain Bibby says:

    Love your wording ‘Bunk room magic!’ – it says it all.

  2. Christie Adams says:

    I can’t wait to see this project come to life- it is going to be amazing! Love your sketches!

  3. LINDA MERRILL says:

    Hi Lisa – Love a good bunkroom plan! Can’t wait to see all the final reveals!

  4. Amy Wax says:

    I truly love seeing the drawings and all of your thoughts on building out the space. What a treasure this room will be once it’s done!

  5. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love bunk rooms! They just scream vacation fun :) Can’t wait to see this beautiful nd thoughtful design come to life!

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