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25 March 2023
For some of Lilu’s clients, a remodel project is part of settling into a new home. But when a homeowner stays in the same home for years – or...
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11 March 2023
There’s something about curves that make them inherently more inviting than their straight-lined counterparts. Maybe it’s because they echo the organic shapes found in nature, or maybe it’s because...
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3 March 2023
I believe in color’s ability to lift our mood and create an interior that is joyful. Our portfolio has an entire section called Create Joy because that is the...
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25 February 2023
My visit to KBIS with Design Hounds was a great place to find kitchen remodel inspiration. Next week we will share a peek at a project, but I think...
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18 February 2023
I’ve used quartz countertops in kitchens and bathrooms for years and appreciate the durability, look, and easy-to-maintain properties of quartz. After visiting Compac Surfaces during my visit to KBIS...
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14 February 2023
If you are a regular LiLu Interiors blog reader, you know we focus on well-being at home. Why? Because if attending to your well-being is easy to do right...
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11 February 2023
What I loved about going to KBIS courtesy of Design Hounds is that I saw vendors and materials I usually wouldn’t have sought out. I would have missed out...
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4 February 2023
When I toured KBIS courtesy of Design Hounds recently one of our stops was SKS appliances, where they are addressing the everyday problems in kitchens with their innovative appliances....
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21 January 2023
For this couple, the transition to a smaller home was a wise choice during their empty nest years. However, they weren’t ready to give up all of the kitchen...
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15 January 2023
Sheer drapery can add beauty to your home. Sheers have long been a go-to element for window dressings, providing privacy and light control while also adding an air of...
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27 December 2022
By now we’re all familiar with the yearly phenomenon of New Year’s resolutions, but apparently this year Google suggested a daunting 55 to choose from! To avoid winding up...
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17 December 2022
Our Minnesota clients had a conundrum – they’d made all these great friends in their winter home-away-from–home, and it wasn’t quite fit for entertaining! They said, “Our second home...
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10 December 2022
Have you ever noticed how the sight of certain colors can make you feel a certain way? If so, you’re not alone. For centuries, color has been known to...
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3 December 2022
Are you tired of your 80’s kitchen? So many people are, and we love working with clients to update these spaces. We were recently engaged by a client to...
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21 November 2022
Our Top 5 Holiday Spots Whether you’re looking for unique holiday gifts, time in nature, or winter fun with friends and family, Minnesota delivers. Here are LiLu’s Top 5...
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4 June 2022
Sophisticated Dining Room Project Reveal Several months ago, we showed you our plan for this dining room redesign. Today we are happy to share this sophisticated dining room design...
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15 May 2022
Are You a Technicurean? Last week I was in Napa Valley courtesy of Design Hounds and Signature Kitchen Suites. During the trip, I started asking myself, Are you a...
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7 May 2022
Fight Stress with A Rejuvenating Home It is my goal that every one of the LiLu clients has a complete understanding of how your home can rejuvenate you because...
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30 April 2022
How to Be The Home Where the Tweens Hang Out A goal for many of our clients is being the home where their kids and their friends want to...
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23 April 2022
Reusing Furniture Is a Smart Move We often have repeat clients. People move, for a new job, for a new neighborhood, and for a new stage of life. One...
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