I’m done with gray and beige! Use Green as a Neutral

If I asked you what neutral you would use in your interior design, most of you would answer gray, beige, taupe, or white. I would love to suggest we consider another neutral…GREEN. That’s right, green is a neutral color. What? How can that be…. pause here…go outside…what’s the color you see the most of in nature? Green is indeed nature’s neutral.

White has been very popular as a clean, mind-clearing color. It feels light and refreshing. I would like to make an argument for considering green as your neutral.

Whether you are contending with being surrounded on a daily basis by an urban environment or live in a state like Minnesota where many months are snowy and dreary, green could be the color anti-dote to your daily surroundings that you are looking for.

Connection to Nature

Using green as a neutral in your interior is an intentional design approach to create a more nurturing interior that feels connected to nature.  In today’s fast-paced world many people need the built environment to support their need for relaxation and retreat.

When you see green, it reminds you of grass and leaves and the renewal of spring. You really can’t go wrong by using green as the main color in your living space.


A Psychological Boost

Studies have shown that being in a room with a good deal of green reduces stress. Being calmer helps you deal with daily life in a mindful way.

Reducing your stress has psychological benefits and physical ones. Lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and having more energy are all benefits of reducing stress. If you suffer from headaches, insomnia and other stress-related illnesses you may want to introduce green into your home. Live plants would be an especially successful way to incorporate green and reduce stress.

In addition, researcher have found that reading comprehension increases in a green room. Increase your ability to focus and comprehend at work or in a study with green walls.


Green Shades Are Not All Equal

With all this talk of green being soothing and having powers of renewal you may be ready to run down to the local paint store and buy a shade of green to add to your bedroom or study.

A note of caution here, I was just at a home where the master bedroom is painted acid green. It is not restful, and I would NOT want this color around me if I felt ill. Not all greens are equal. If you are going to use green as a neutral, below please find our roundup of soothing greens from Benjamin Moore.