Local Artist Candice Simpson

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By LuAnne Silvia, ASID To say Candice Simpson is a faux finisher is a little misleading, she is a master of transforming space through a variety of wall finishes, but it is easier to say she is a faux finisher. For those of you that think of rag rolling when you hear faux finishing, that [...]

Local Artist Ernest Miller

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By LuAnne Silvia, ASID I first discovered Ernest Miller's work in a gallery in Northeast when looking for the perfect ceramic piece for a mantle. I found the subtle textures and unique forms of his ceramics intriguing. When you get a chance to speak with him it is apparent that he treasures the experience and intimate process of [...]

Local Artists Tom and Rebecca Maras

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By LuAnne Silvia I find great pleasure in connecting people through art. At LiLu we love helping clients incorporate original artwork into their homes and finding just the right piece that speaks to them. There are several local artists who I admire for their talent and dedication to their craft but also because they are living their [...]

Just Right-for You!

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By Lisa Peck Another hallmark of graduating is learning what is just right for you. There are times when "good enough" just isn't good enough...your grown-up, you have worked hard to get where you are and you want your car, your clothes, your leisure time and your home to suit you to a T. When [...]

Grown-up Furniture

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by Lisa Peck Futons, catalog furnishing, knock-down DIY furniture...we've all been there, done that and then felt the disappointment as these things look shabby, breakdown and have to be replaced. How to graduate to grown-up furniture...what to do? The hallmarks of making an adult decision is to be informed! Do some research and decide the quality of furnishings [...]

It’s time to Graduate!

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By Lisa Peck How many graduations are you going to this spring? Graduation has implications on where and how you will be living. At 18, graduation means making your first entree into the world. Setting up your first dorm room is a big part of that. Taking the dorm room decor to a level that [...]

Mothers Day

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By Lisa Peck and LuAnne Silvia When you think of Mom, you think of home. The comfortable corner where you read books together, cuddled quietly in her lap. The kitchen where you baked cookies together. The family room where she provided snacks and stayed in the background while you and your friends giggled and had [...]

In Progress – Funky Loft

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By LuAnne Silvia, ASID We are currently working with a newlywed couple who needed design direction for their new loft and a fresh start to reflect their new life together. Combined they have a bold colorful art collection and a few pieces of existing furniture they wanted to keep. We continued the neutral shell established [...]

In Progress – Luxurious Master Bedroom

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By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID When we were given the opportunity to help a fabulous on-going client create a fabulous Master Bedroom we were thrilled. Our client's bedroom was painted, had a gorgeous rug and window treatment, but was lacking furniture, bedding and those finishing touches. Our client loves bright colors and has incorporated them throughout the [...]

In Progress – Contemporary Lower Level

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By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Another project LiLu Interiors has in progress is designing an unfinished lower level. LOWER LEVEL CONCEPT After years of enjoying their spacious downtown condo our clients are thinking about their future and when they will eventually downsize. Not only thinking of resale value, they want to finish their lower level now so they will have [...]