Experiencing The Best Of Summer: Summer Window Treatment Ideas

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Experiencing the best of summer, summer window treatment ideas… Want your space to feel summery? Creating a summer-like color palette would be a natural place to start. But there is more to creating a feeling of summer than just color. One tried and true way to get the summer vibes going is by designing a [...]

Peek at a Window Treatment

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Take a peek at a custom window treatment we designed for a LiLu client. She needed privacy in her condo, but still wanted to be able to enjoy the view. These versatile window treatments have 3 tiers. So our client has options: keep everything closed for maximum privacy, or [...]

Exotic Touches for Your Home – Fridays Look of the Day

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Today is all about those exotic touches you can do for your home where it will feel like you are on vacation each day.  This week we have been covering staycations and how to incorporate little touches into your home that you experience when you are traveling. Simple things can be to have a fresh [...]

Designing Staycation Experiences Into Your Daily Life

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Designing staycation experiences. When returning from vacation we reflect on the wonderful experiences and relive our vacation in our minds. There are many things about vacation we would love to duplicate at home, often starting with the weather! But what about the rest? The conveniences built into our hotel rooms, the dining atmosphere that makes [...]

A Room with a View: Corner Window Seat – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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A room with a view...this corner window seat takes advantage of the lake view and creates a cozy space for one.  A space to dream, a space to escape, a space to retreat within the larger room. Designing an inviting nook into this lake front home provides a mini-staycation experience into your daily life. And [...]

Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom – Friday’s Look of the Day

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Today we bring you Designer Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom as our Friday Look of the Day. Simple Solutions Simple solutions can be as easy as replacing your standard towel bars for your bath towels with a heated bar so when you step out of your shower you are greeted with a warm towel to [...]

Luxury Hotel Bath Amenities for Your Home

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Luxury hotel bath amenities shouldn't only be found at luxury hotels. Designing a luxury hotel bath experience into your own home will make it feel like vacation every day. Pamper yourself with the amenities that make daily life more enjoyable. At LiLu Interiors we love thoughtfully thinking through all the details for our clients. Designing details that [...]

Master Bath Amenities: Peek at a Bath Remodel

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Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? You've probably been dreaming about new countertops and cabinets. You've probably had your eye on some luxurious tile. But what about improving the function and creating an easier, more enjoyable morning routine with some hotel-like amenities? Check out this Monday's Peek at a Project where we take you [...]

CRAFT ROOM ESSENTIALS!: 6 things your craft room needs

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By Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Are you thinking of creating a craft room in your home? Do you want to improve the one you already have? Here are the 6 top tips from LiLu Interiors. We would consider them Craft Room Essentials, necessary for creative inspiration and maximum creative productivity!           [...]

Five Design Tips for the Perfect Craft Room-According to LiLu

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It’s summer and we all want the kids to be outside all the time. I know I want to be outside on every nice day we have but the weather this past weekend was a reminder that I need to have a plan in place for inside days! So today, I am going to share [...]