The Story Behind Timeless Treasure—According to LiLu

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When Joan and John first moved into their architecturally designed home in Minneapolis, they had young children. Much of the interior was geared toward supporting a warm, welcoming space to raise a family. Colors and patterns were chosen to offer a fun vibe, while hiding wear and tear as much as possible. That was 20 [...]

Timeless Treasure Monday’s Peek at a Project

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  “I have confidence that everything will be done beyond my expectations.” This confidence is one of the many benefits LiLu has enjoyed from long-lasting relationships with clients like Joan. “Lisa knows what my taste is and I have full confidence in her ability to work with me.” After 20 years of living in the [...]

Home Theater Room Seating Friday’s Look of the Day

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Home theater room seating is a critical part of the overall experience (right after the picture and sound!), and as interior designers LiLu believes the utmost in comfort and quality are top criteria. Also important is to fit into the overall aesthetic of the room to enhance the space and create the mood. In designer [...]

Media Room Musts-According to LiLu

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By Lisa Peck I've been talking to many fellow parents who are feeling like the re-entry to school, fall activities and the crisp cadence of fall has been challenging. Many a melt-down has happened and not just from kids! One thing our family does when the world seems too much and we are exhausted from [...]

Home Theater and Media Room Design – Peek at a LiLu Project

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In designing our client's home theater and media room we selected a variety of seating to provide the utmost in comfortable seating and give them the best of both worlds: a fully upholstered pillow back sectional with a chaise end for a feet-up, make - yourself - at - home experience as well as reclining leather [...]

Healthy Lunches on the Go

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Now that kids are back in school and the temperature in the air is a little cooler I feel that routine begins to take shape. Healthy Lunches on the Go are much easier with the help of Bento Boxes and a well designed kitchen.  If you haven't heard of Bento Boxes then you are missing [...]

Designing Healthful Meals into Your Busy Fall Schedule -According to LiLu

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We’ve launched! The school year is off and running and so are most families. Running to school, to after school activities, to lessons, to parties, to enrichment opportunities! And in between running you are trying to feed your family healthful meals? I feel your pain. I’m right in the trenches with you. In our family, [...]

Peek at a Kitchen Design- A Labor of Love

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Happy Labor Day! It's the unofficial end of Summer and the day we celebrate Labors of Love in all forms. For parents, work done in the kitchen is often a labor of love- cooking, cleaning and family meals. A lot of time is spent in the average American kitchen. But if you are spending so much [...]

Mudroom Must Haves

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Mudroom must haves are today's look of the day.  This week we have been featuring Mudrooms on our blog.  Mudrooms are an important part of a home to help a family be efficient and productive.  It can keep the clutter from leaking out into other areas of the home.  Today we have the top ten [...]

Mudroom Organization

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Mudroom Organization is a must have in every home especially those who have busy schedules with many bodies going from here to there. With the start of school just around the corner we thought we would give a few insider tips on how to make the most of your Entry or Mudroom.  We have identified [...]