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5 September 2018
A Soft Place to Fall for Kids-According to LiLu Interiors Labor Day has passed and with it the care-free days of summer. Our kids have returned to school and...
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31 August 2018
Pantry Pretties are today’s look of the day.  You know what I mean when we say Pantry Pretties…they are those beautiful, place for everything, no clutter pantries with great...
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29 August 2018
ACCORDING TO LILU PERFECT PANTRIES There are so many ways to build pantry storage into your kitchen. What type is right for you? It depends on a lot of...
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27 August 2018
MONDAY’S PEEK AT A PROJECT Family Friendly Kitchen A family friendly kitchen needs to serve so many functions. This one’s got lots of full height cabinets to serve as...
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24 August 2018
Game Room and Hang Out Space Gear is today’s LiLu Look of the Day.  This week we have been talking about how to be the house that the kids...
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22 August 2018
Design Tips for Becoming the House where the Kids Hangout How many parents have this goal? Being the house where the kids want to hangout gives you unique connections...
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20 August 2018
Monday’s Peek at a Project We designed this lower level hang out to be multi functional. The huge sectional can seat a large group comfortably around the TV. Perfect...
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17 August 2018
Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day is all about Back to School Organization!  Home organization is key to starting the new school year off right.  Whether you have one...
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14 August 2018
Organizing Your Home for Back to School It’s that time of the year! We are all in back to school mode. While the summer has it’s own rhythms, sports,...
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13 August 2018
MONDAY’S PEEK AT A PROJECT Happy Monday! Here’s a quick look at a mudroom LiLu designed for our clients with 4 kids and a dog! It goes without saying...
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10 August 2018
FRIDAY’S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Get Away Fabrics! Need a vacation? Don’t have time? Check out LiLu’s Look of the Day: Get Away Fabrics! These fabrics from some...
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8 August 2018
Away Room Design By Lisa Peck, ASID An away room is the perfect addition to a open floor plan home. Within a great room there is much activity and...
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6 August 2018
    Peek at a Porch! We recently installed a cozy porch for a family of six! A small room off of the kitchen serves as a casual area...
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3 August 2018
We have been focusing on wellness this week, and here are a few of our favorite things to support wellness. Fun patterned yoga mats and soothing products for self...
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1 August 2018
By Lisa Peck, ASID As I get older, I am more and more interested in wellness. Not the kind of wellness that can be found in a monthly visit...
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30 July 2018
  Peek at a Project: Yoga Room! Check out this yoga room designed by LiLu Interiors. For this serene, yet energizing space, we used material selections to create soothing texture...
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27 July 2018
It is the season for outdoor dining! Dress your table up with fun outdoor dinnerware…there are so many fun colors and patterns available for outdoor dining. Here are a...
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25 July 2018
Design for Entertaining Outdoors-Three Key Questions to Ask Yourself In Minnesota, we celebrate summer. We suffer through, or ski , skate, and ice fish through a long winter depending...
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23 July 2018
  Don’t let the “IN” fool you, good interior design travels OUTside! Take a look at our mood boards for the backyard garden of this cozy bungalow and how...
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20 July 2018
By Josh Anderson Our feature project Condo-maximum includes a custom dining table that perfectly fits the needs of our clients. Susie loves to cook. And she wanted their move...
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