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13 April 2018
FRIDAY’S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Happy, Fresh Pillows for Spring is our Friday look of the day. Here in Minnesota we are, dare we say, patiently waiting for...
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11 April 2018
Top 5 tips to refresh your home for spring. When spring arrives everyone is ready to embrace the new season and start fresh! As the season unfolds with fresh...
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9 April 2018
Window Seat Refresh- Peek at a LiLu Project Check out this window seat refresh! A favorite client had some lovely architectural details in her living room, but for some...
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6 April 2018
Spring Color!- LiLu’s Look of the Day OK, maybe Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet. But you can bring some Spring into your interiors with these color palettes. If Mother...
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4 April 2018
Volunteer work is one of the ways we spend our time outside of work. It is one of the things we have in common, a shared value and part...
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2 April 2018
This weeks Peek at a LiLu Project is a special one.  It involves a project where we volunteered our time and design skills to grant a wish for a...
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30 March 2018
The Girl Power Look- Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day Sometimes knowing the story behind a product makes it just that much better. If you’re looking for some girl...
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28 March 2018
Designing spaces for your authentic self, a design philosophy we believe in and practice at LiLu Interiors. Every design project we take on is different, because every one of...
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26 March 2018
Today’s Peek at a LiLu Project is all about girl power for a young girl in her bedroom.  We all need a place to call our own even as...
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23 March 2018
Essential Home Office Accessories for Her Check out LiLu Interiors’ essential home office accessories for the hard working lady!  
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21 March 2018
View Perfectly Suited Project Today we’re looking at designing the perfect home office for a woman. We are focusing on design for women this month! What would make a...
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19 March 2018
Today’s Peek at a Project is a Peek at a Home Office where the interest is all about the walls!  We used this graphic wallcovering from Area Environments who...
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16 March 2018
Friday’s Look of the Day is our Trend Watch of Serenity Now.  Serenity as defined in the dictionary is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.  Today this...
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14 March 2018
Women wear many hats these days and you don’t have to be working outside the home to be a clever multi-tasking ‘busy’ woman. Let’s say intentionally engaged, enthusiastically involved,...
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12 March 2018
Peek at a Project: Master Suite Escape Check out this master bedroom and bathroom we just installed for clients who have 4 young children. In other words, mama needs...
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9 March 2018
In the words of Dorothy Draper…LiLu’s Look of the Day features notable quotes by legendary design icon Dorothy Draper, in celebration of Women’s History Month. Her voice, like her...
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7 March 2018
To move forward into the future we must also look backward into our past. History records the trails blazed by strong inventive women and we hold these stories dearly...
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5 March 2018
Because it is Women’s History month, the designers at LiLu Interiors would like to take a moment to honor the work of design icon Dorothy Draper. We ran a...
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2 March 2018
LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Best Library Chairs is today’s look of the day! Every library needs a fantastic chair! Something with personality and an inviting spot to read....
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28 February 2018
Designing family traditions into your home starts with creating spaces for making memories. The design of your home can support all that you value, so that you can live...
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