16 April, 2018

Blissful Master Bath – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

When homeowner Angi looked at their recently remodeled home, she couldn’t help but notice the one space that was left out. Her master bath. Like any new parent, Angi was focused on the needs of her children, not the desire to update their bathroom.
So there it stayed, stuck in a time warp, while the rest of their home reflected the fresh look they had always wanted. Finally, the time came for Angi to focus on the project she had been dreaming about for years.
She followed the recommendation of her trusted contractor and contacted LiLu Interiors. “Our contractor said that LiLu really gets what their clients want,” Angi said. “And I couldn’t agree with him more.”
Angi went on to say that the design team of Lisa and LuAnne “just got it” from the moment they sat down to talk about the project. “They’re everyday people who do these grand things. They are really easy to work with and they got my project done in a timely manner.”
By relocating the vanities, and then shifting and enclosing the shower in glass, our design team dramatically improved the vista from the bedroom. Aesthetically, we combined dark wood with gray lacquered cabinets, painted the room in lighter gray tones to brighten up the space, and created a sense of verticality.
The wait is over, Angi’s dream of a luxurious master bath is now a reality. Whether it’s the beginning of a new day or the end of a long one, this space makes family life feel a bit more relaxing. We invite you to read more of the story this week in the LiLu Blog.