24 April, 2018

Creating Visual Order- Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

Creating Visual Order can be hard thing to achieve if you do not have the right tools to get you started.  Today's Peek at a LiLu Project is a home that we recently installed a number of custom built ins to help display our clients' existing art and sculptures throughout their home.  Our client has a beautiful art collection of unique items that were either owned by her mother or items that her and her husband have acquired throughout the years.

The Design

When we sat down for a concept for the project, we knew instantly we had to give these pieces a home.  One that can be changed out and arranged over the years, but they need a place where they can be admired.  We knew that simplistic built ins with an overall cohesive look is what would help us make a back drop for their art.  We drew out a couple elevations and selected a wenge veneer that had vertical emphasis in the grain as well as an even dark wood tone that was similar to their existing kitchen cabinetry but different enough to let one know that these built in are different and hold more importance.
The final design are beautiful floating shelves with large vertical dividers as you enter from the entry.  They give the doorway importance and lets you know that you have arrived.  Cabinet doors and drawers help hold household items that do no need to be on display while open shelving leaves it open to put forth art collections for all to view.