09 May, 2018

Top Design Tips for Super Moms-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Top Design Tips for Super Moms

Design the daily stressors out of your life

mud room, closet and kitchen organization
Make your life easier by designing daily stressors out of it. Hire a closet consultant to design closets where there is a place for everything. If everyone can easily dress in the morning your day will always be off to a better start. Make cooking a breeze by designing a great work triangle into your kitchen and creating additional work stations for your husband or kids to help with food prep. Place the laundry closest to the bedrooms to minimize time spent lugging laundry to and fro.
Think about how you want your children to be able to help around the house and design spaces that allow them to easily reach tools, utensils and storage that allows them to lighten your load. Put hooks for hanging coats and back packs at their height. Store pet food and dishes where they can reach it. Think about having a microwave below counter so they can make easy meals for themselves. Make pick up and laundry chores easy with baskets labeled with their name.

Design space for couple time at home

Super Mom Design Tips-We Time
Don’t think of your bedroom as the only place you can spend a little time with your partner! Your both busy, working, raising a family and with many other roles in life. Did you know that spending 20 minutes a day on your marriage can increase personal health and well -being by 30%.
Think about designing a few spots into your home for intimate conversation and quiet moments spent together outside the bedroom. A small breakfast table, two outdoor lounge chairs, the perfect seating for an at home movie night complete with snuggles allows you to easily build in time together. When Mama’s happy…as the saying goes.

Design a little Me Time into your Life

Super Mom Me Time Design Tips
Carve out a spot for a little me time. A room of one’s own is a luxury to some and a necessity to others. Whether it’s a craft room, a library or a sitting room that is the perfect spot to sip tea and visit with a friend. Make a corner of your home that reflects just you. The essential you that you have always been. The colors you like, the style you like. Not the style you have negotiated with your husband or the color you compromised on because what you really liked was voted down by the family. A little alone time is important for recharging and refreshing so Super Mom will be every ready to solve problems and rescue kids, pets and projects.