18 April, 2018

The Story Behind Blissful Master Bath – According to LiLu

Angi and her husband moved into their home in the North Metro with every intention of remodeling it from top to bottom. And five years ago, they did just that—almost. But before Angi could tackle the master bath kids entered the scene and the remodeling was placed on hold.
Like any new parent, Angi was focused on the needs of her children, not the desire to update their bathroom.
So there it stayed, stuck in a time warp, while the rest of their home reflected the fresh look they had always wanted. Finally, the time came for Angi to focus on the project she had been dreaming about for years.

“Our contractor recommended LiLu,” Angi said about why they decided to work with an interior designer. “He said that they really get what their clients are looking for. And I couldn’t agree more.”
Angi said she felt comfortable working with the design team of Lisa and LuAnne from the moment they first sat down to talk about her project. “From initial interview they just got it.”
It was determined that while the footprint of the bathroom couldn’t be expanded, the space could be better utilized to provide more room. Above all, Angi wanted a bath that felt like a five-star hotel—luxurious and spacious.
LiLu got to work on reworking the entire space plan. And then they gutted everything.

Walls were moved and plumbing was rerouted to make the flow more efficient. By relocating the vanities, and then shifting and enclosing the shower in glass, LiLu dramatically improved the vista from the bedroom. Aesthetically, dark wood was combined with gray lacquered cabinets, the room was painted in lighter gray tones to brighten up the space, and a sense of verticality was created throughout the space.
Angi was impressed with how smoothly the project went. “There was minimal need for heavy involvement because of LiLu’s expert pre-work. Everything went so smoothly that they didn’t need to check in with me too much.”
Yet, when LiLu needed Angi to make some decisions, they did so with an understanding of who Angi is and what she likes.
“I tend to get overwhelmed with all the options. LiLu understood our style and preferences from the get-go. They would come in with three or four examples ahead of time. Having things narrowed down helped keep things less overwhelming. Usually, the samples were spot-on with our style that there wasn’t a lot of back and forth.”

Angi admits that she doesn’t have a “great eye for design.” So she leaned heavily on the experience and expertise of LiLu.
“Take the paint color for example,” she said. “LiLu looked at how it worked with everything else in the space, where I would just pick a color.”
The paint color was just one of many details Lisa and LuAnne considered as they created a spa-like environment.
The sinks are situated back to back, which provides more usable space and the option for double-sinks. Angi and her husband are able to get ready at the same time without getting in each other’s way.
Next to the mirror is a cupboard for linens and a cubby for Angi’s curling iron, hairdryer, and makeup mirror. It can be closed to hide everything away.
“Everything has a place,” Lisa said. “This helps create an orderly, calm, and serene space. And it makes her every day more convenient.”
Angi was also impressed that the garbage can is in one of the drawers to save floor space. “It sounds so minor, but the function is so necessary and life-changing.”
By designing out the daily stressors, this space has truly become a blissful bath. “The use of space is so great,” Angi said. “I feel like I’m in a spa whenever I walk into our bathroom.”
The remodel of Angi’s master bath has led to an ongoing relationship of trust with LiLu. In fact, they work with each other on projects of all sizes. From the master bath to artwork to furnishings to rugs and textiles, they turn to them for everything. Angi says they even want to work with LiLu on the outdoor space.
“LiLu is now a part of our life,” Angi said. “They’re great to work with and I really, really like them.”