25 April, 2018

De-stress at Home. Storage to Keep Your Home Serene – According to LiLu

Designing home storage solutions to keep stress at bay is all about creating visual order. De-stress = de-clutter. A serene home is an organized home. By designing a place for everything it makes it convenient to put things back where they belong. A serene home to some might mean out of sight out of mind! For others, a serene home might mean a thoughtfully organized storage solution but not necessarily out of sight. If that is the case, then creating visual order is the key a serene environment. The goal here is to create a peaceful space that invites joy. So where do we start? The kitchen is a great space to begin this journey.
Kitchen Storage Solutions
There are so many kitchen gadgets and small appliances that without careful intention can end up without a place to call home. Luckily there are just  as many options for storage and opportunities for creating organized displays.  Whether you prefer to tuck things behind closed doors or design an open shelf to display a collection, there is a solution for everything. For those who want to show off their china or pot and pan collection, think of creating visual order by displaying your collection in a group.
kitchen storage solutions
Bathroom Storage Solutions
Next let's take a look at bathroom storage. In the bathroom typically with less counter space taking the approach of storing what you need out of sight gives you the opportunity to display a beautiful piece of sculpture or a fresh plant. The key here is to think efficiently and design storage solutions that are convenient. Meaning design a space for your hair dryer and hamper where you will use them. Then find something simple that brings you joy and begin creating your serene bathroom environment.
bathroom storage solutions
Home Office Storage Solutions
Your home office is another space to consider and think intentionally about creating a serene working environment. If you're not careful this space can easily become a collection of all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn't have a home. By designing a storage system that works for you , you can avoid creating a catch all and instead design a home office that is functional and beautiful. Out of sight solutions include file space, charging drawers, junk drawer dividers and don't forget the cabinet shelf for your printer and shredder.  For those who find joy in being surrounded by their things and prefer everything to be within easy reach again the key is creating visual order. Invest in the matching storage boxes, beautiful trays and magazine holders. Install magnetic wall covering or fabric covered tackable space. And don't forget to include artwork and family photos. You will find a visually organized home office space invites a more productive working environment.