28 March, 2018

Designing Spaces for Your Authentic Self – According to LiLu

Designing spaces for your authentic self, a design philosophy we believe in and practice at LiLu Interiors. Every design project we take on is different, because every one of the client's we work with is unique. Over the years we have developed a thorough intake process that allows us to really get to know our clients. Understanding our clients lifestyle is key to every decision that goes into the design of their home. And there are a lot of design decisions to make along the way!
When designing for your authentic self, it is important to understand and know who that authentic self is. It may be that you haven't thought about the connection between your authentic self and the design of your home. But that's okay, because the interior designers at LiLu do! We understand that every design detail can either support your authentic self or not. From the little details and understanding our clients daily habits and routines, to the bigger overall picture of understanding their authentic self and all of their dreams.
Designing for your authentic self addresses both function and style. How you live and what brings you joy. At the core of everything we do, first and foremost we enjoy this process of discovering each and every unique client's authentic self.
authentic design for your personality-several room