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26 February 2018
Designing a library loft space – “Yes! What a fun idea!” was our enthusiastic response when our client shared his desire to create a unique space for him and...
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23 February 2018
Sitting down and spending time with our long-time client Heidi helped us learn more about her specific desires for this project. From that moment on, we were able to...
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21 February 2018
1930s Kitchen Remodel For homeowner Heidi and her husband Mike, LiLu Interiors is as much a part of their house buying decisions as any real estate agent. Since 2001,...
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19 February 2018
  LiLu Interiors has collaborated with Heidi and her husband Mike on several home remodels over the years. The most recent was transforming a tiny, dated, and clumsy kitchen...
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16 February 2018
Check out these romantic tables for two! Which combo is your favorite?     Check out this week’s previous posts: Design Tips for Stay at Home Date Night Ideas...
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14 February 2018
Design tips for stay at home date night, ideas on how to re-imagine your spaces to create a unique experience at home. We agree, it is fun to go...
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12 February 2018
Creating Date Night at Home, Monday’s Peek at a Project features a Valentine’s Day Dining Experience for Two. Valentine’s Day is a popular night to  go out for dinner,...
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9 February 2018
FRIDAY’S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day features handsome accessories to complete your bachelor pad. From one of a kind blown glass by local...
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5 February 2018
Designing a bachelor pad – so many possibilities! LiLu Interiors has had the pleasure of collaborating with many bachelor clients over the years to design the perfect bachelor pad...
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2 February 2018
Friday’s Look of the day is Colorful Wallcoverings!  Wallcoverings aka wallpaper have come a long, long way in the recent years.  We used to call them wallpapers, but now...
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31 January 2018
If you are asked what you want from your home, how you intend to live there, you might answer, “ I want what most people want! To cook, eat,...
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30 January 2018
Uplifting, Lively and Inviting is the concept for our clients who have just relocated and are looking to lift up their home.  We will be doing this by touches...
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24 January 2018
Designer Super Bowl Party A designer Super Bowl party? The reality is everything is designed. Whether we know it or not. Someone designs the pen we hold in our hand. Someone...
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19 January 2018
Bachelorette Pads by LiLu- Look of the Day The LiLu team has designed a few Bachelorette Pads in our day! We love to find out how our clients want...
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17 January 2018
My Bachelorette Pad~ Peek at Project By Ally Evander, Bachelorette In my early twenties, I was lucky enough to live with two of my best gal pals for several...
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16 January 2018
Designing the Perfect Bachelorette Pad~ According to LiLu By Ally Evander, Bachelorette This week’s blog is all about designing the perfect Bachelorette Pad! Everybody needs good design in their...
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12 January 2018
How to design the color of the year into your home is what we are discussing today on our blog.  Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is Oceanside.  A...
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8 January 2018
2018’s Color of the Year by Sherwin Williams is Oceanside SW6496 and here at LiLu Interiors we couldn’t be more excited.  We love using color in our interior design...
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5 January 2018
Creating space in your home for New Year’s Resolution’s might take some creative thought, but it could be a simpler approach than dedicating an entire room to your cause....
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3 January 2018
The first step in designing your New Year’s resolutions into your home and life is to align them with your values. Start with identify what you care about. More...
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