14 February, 2018

Design Tips for Stay at Home Date Night Ideas According to LiLu

Design tips for stay at home date night, ideas on how to re-imagine your spaces to create a unique experience at home. We agree, it is fun to go out! Ranking high on the list of why people return to their favorite restaurant is the atmosphere. The design of the interior. It sets the stage for the type of experience you will have. The lighting, the style of the table and chairs, the artwork, the wall and ceiling finishes all play a role in determining what type of experience you will have. Does the design support a cozy, quiet, relaxing,  intimate evening for two? Or promote a fun, lively place to gather and meet a group of energetic friends? You can re-imagine the spaces in your own home to set the stage for date night at home with a few design tips below.

First start with the unexpected. This is a key place to start so you are creating a unique experience that is different than your daily experiences at home. On Monday's blog we talked about transforming a foyer into a dining space. So maybe you have a library that would make a unique backdrop for dining, or a window seat that would make a great place to sit side by side?

Next consider the lighting. Overhead lighting works well if it is on a dimmer switch. Lighting is an important factor in creating the right mood, one that often restaurants get right but that we don't think about at home. Playing with the lighting at home will help create the unique experience and feel less like your daily experience. If that is not an option, borrow a floor lamp or two from another room and set nearby to create perimeter lighting. Or a small table lamp that you can set right on the table creates an intimate experience as well.

It is all in the details. Think of the luxurious amenities you enjoyed last time you were at the spa or that five star hotel and recreate a bit of luxury at home. Whatever that means to you this is the time to splurge and bring some of those luxury details home.