12 February, 2018

Creating Date Night at Home – Monday’s Peek at a Valentine’s Day Dining Experience for Two

Creating Date Night at Home, Monday's Peek at a Project features a Valentine's Day Dining Experience for Two. Valentine's Day is a popular night to  go out for dinner, but what about creating a date night at home? An intimate dining experience for two. Desiring something other than the ordinary daily experience? Want to create something special? A unique experience? Start by looking at your spaces with fresh eyes. Find a space that could be transformed into a unique dining experience. Think outside the box, beyond the dining room. Take a peek below at a client's foyer that was transformed into a cozy dining spot for two. The gracious foyer table that typically welcomes guests at the front door has been transformed into a dining table. Pull in a couple of dining chairs and set the table, and you have created a special space for a special night. LiLu Interiors encourages you to enjoy all the spaces in your home in new and imaginative ways!