28 February, 2018

Designing Family Traditions into Your Home – According to LiLu

Designing family traditions into your home starts with creating spaces for making memories. The design of your home can support all that you value, so that you can live in your values. What family traditions do you enjoy? Family game night, cooking together? When designing a home, your home, think of the family traditions you wish to incorporate into your life.
There are the big annual traditions of course like gathering for the holidays and celebrating birthdays. Consider designing spaces to be flexible for extended family to come together as well as daily life.  Accommodating larger groups in creative ways with multi-functional furniture pieces. Also think of all the seasonal activities. Especially here in Minnesota! With our change of seasons each season brings anew opportunity to do something unique. Summer night picnics on the porch and swimming in the family pool.  Cooking with fresh vegetables from the garden. Winter saunas and sitting by the fire. Then there are the weekly activities that over the years become family traditions. Playing music or making homemade pizzas together. Friday night movies, Saturday morning brunch. Spaces just for the kids to use their imagination – beyond play rooms and craft rooms don’t forget about the cozy space tucked under the stairs! Kids love to have their own space that is just their size.
On Monday we featured a library loft we designed for a family that loves to read and loves Harry Potter, and a magical loft space was the result. Spaces for all of these family traditions can be designed into your home. Creating space for traditions invites the family to come together. Your home is really the backdrop, the stage, for all the wonderful experiences and traditions to play out. It has a large role as a supporting member of the cast, providing the space for cherished memories to come.

Sometimes family traditions are as simple as movie night, and a comfortable sectional makes a great space to watch the movie together

Spaces jut for kids to use their imagination - beyond play rooms and craft room don't forget about the cozy space tucked under the stairs!



At LiLu Interiors we love to find out what traditions your family enjoys. Every family is unique. Our role is to help discover what you are uniquely passionate about, what traditions your family has passed down over the generations, what new traditions you would like to create. Once we understand that, the real fun begins in designing family traditions into your home.