21 February, 2018

1930s Kitchen Remodel-The Story Behind Culinary Delight—According to LiLu

1930s Kitchen Remodel

For homeowner Heidi and her husband Mike, LiLu Interiors is as much a part of their house buying decisions as any real estate agent. Since 2001, the couple and Design Team have collaborated on kitchen projects in three different homes. The most recent is a 1930s kitchen remodel in their St. Paul home.
“Heidi is a long-time client, and this is the third kitchen project we’ve worked on together,” Lisa Peck said. “It might just be one of our most innovative remodels of a cozy space.”
The couple knew immediately the kitchen needed to be expanded to gain more storage and work space. This was an older home and the kitchen was small. “It looked like it hadn’t been touched since 1938,” Heidi said.
“LiLu came to us with such a good use of space without compromising original character.”
Overall, the footprint of the kitchen hasn’t changed, but the space feels much bigger. That is due to one significant subtraction: the wall separating the dining room was removed. This allowed LiLu to open the space.


First Step Listening

The first step in this 1930s kitchen remodel is listening to how the current kitchen was and was not meeting this serious cook's needs.
Before anything was added, LiLu made sure to listen and learn what Heidi and Mike wanted in their kitchen. They wanted to ensure that the new design supported their every dream and desire.
“Lisa and LuAnne are so easy to work with, they aren’t prima donnas,” Heidi said. “They sit down and listens to what we like and don’t like. They’re so good with the design, how to utilize space—it’s a real gift and talent.”
It begins with relatively simple elements. Crown molding creates visual height, while the recessed lighting complements the openness of the space. Painting the cabinets gray makes for a timeless color that is both bright and airy. Fabrics reflect updated interpretation of what might have been in the original home. Pops of indigo and orange make the space lively and fun.

Taking a leap of faith

“I just love it,” Heidi said. “It’s just really fun.”
Perhaps the most eye-catching element in the kitchen is the Fireclay backsplash, which includes four different blue-colored tiles on the backsplash. Heidi says that everyone comments on how much they like it. She was a bit hesitant at first.
“I wasn’t so sure, but both Mike and Lisa convinced me that it was the right choice,” Heidi admitted. “Now it’s one of my favorite parts of this kitchen.”

Function and Storage

Another favorite element for Heidi is all of the new and creative storage solutions. In the small footprint of this 1930s kitchen remodel our goal was having everything needed on hand, in the kitchen, not in the basement.
“I’m surprised by how much more storage we got in our little kitchen,” Heidi said. “All of that underutilized space now offers additional storage.”
LiLu focused heavily on creating a lot of storage in the kitchen, with a singular desire to make everything accessible. This includes storage for numerous cookbooks and appliances. Several custom solutions include creating shelving across the top of the kitchen and transforming a 9” column end on cabinets to offer unique storage.
There’s even a special cabinet just for her mixer.

Modern Convenience

While the design nods to the era of the home, this 1930s kitchen remodel needed to have the convenience and amenities of a modern kitchen.
“There’s a cabinet when you open it the appliance raises up on a shelf,” Heidi said. “I don’t have to drag it out every time.”
Other improvements include a cabinet in the back hall to hold coats and shoes. A revitalized window seat adds room for guests in the kitchen but not in the traffic path.
After three projects together, Heidi is more convinced than ever that everyone should work with an interior designer.
“Definitely talk to an interior designer,” Heidi suggested. “You don’t end up making rookie mistakes. They have resources and knowledge and offer lots of expertise.”
As for LiLu Interiors, Heidi is convinced they are some of the best in the industry.
“I recommend them often,” Heidi said. “The quality of their work is amazing, and they will work with you on whatever your project is.”
“Don’t be afraid or intimidated, just give them a call.”
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