19 February, 2018

Culinary Delight – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

LiLu Interiors has collaborated with Heidi and her husband Mike on several home remodels over the years. The most recent was transforming a tiny, dated, and clumsy kitchen into a space that could support Heidi’s love for cooking.
Knowing that this was going to be their “forever home,” Heidi knew that LiLu Interiors would be her first, last, and only choice when it came to breathing fresh life into this essential space.
“I wouldn’t work with anyone else,” Heidi said. “LiLu knew exactly how to make this kitchen functional without sacrificing character.”
The Design Team knew the space in this charming 1930s St. Paul home needed to be expanded, lightened, and brightened.
First they removed the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. A breakfast bar was added and the window seat was refreshed to offer more inviting places for people to mingle. Crown molding and recessed lighting were installed to create visual height. All the cabinets were painted a light gray, with bold pops of blue, orange, and even some indigo throughout.
And yet what makes this kitchen a perfect fit for this home cook is the visible and hidden storage space. You can read more of the story this week in the LiLu Blog.