21 March, 2018

Designing the Perfect Home Office for a Woman – According to LiLu

perfect home office for woman
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Today we’re looking at designing the perfect home office for a woman. We are focusing on design for women this month! What would make a perfect home office for a woman? Start with identifying all of your unique attributes. Start with designing a space for who you truly are, a space just for you - where all design criteria supports that goal. Not what would work for the family, or for your co-worker, what would work just for you. Think about who you are and what makes you happy. What motivates you? Here are a few questions to get you started thinking: Are you inspired by a view of the outdoors or do you find looking outdoors distracting? Do you like to see all the projects you are working on, would you find joy in having them on display and part of the design? Or do you prefer the quiet visual organization of having everything tucked neatly behind cabinet doors or put away in bins?

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Do you have a need for paper storage and like walking your fingers through files, or prefer stacking paperwork into piles? Or do you find that you don' have a need for a lot of paper storage anymore and need a comfortable space to view your computer screen? Do you work on a lap top, like to be mobile and have lots of comfortable options for seating? Do you like to stand and work? Prefer counter height work surface? What works for you will guide every decision in designing the perfect home office just for you. woman's home office designView Posh Playhouse Office perfect home office design detailsView Office Bliss Project

On Monday we featured a home office for a client that is uniquely hers. Find out what fun material she incorporated into the design of her home office that set the tone for a unique space and brings her joy and inspiration. Tune in again on Friday for our LiLu Look of the Day featuring essential home office accessories for every woman.