10 September, 2018

Parisian Inspiration


Ever taken a trip to Paris and lost yourself in its architecture and ambiance? Join LiLu this week on the blog for a virtual journey to Paris, France! Monday’s Peek at a Project is a quick look at a design inspired by the City of Lights. The main inspirations for this design were drawn from two themes we see throughout Paris: Patina and emphasis on details.
Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines Patina as “a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use.” The finishes featured in the kitchen are meant to show age; weathered oak cabinets, marble countertops, antique brass fixtures. All are unprotected finishes which will show their age with use.
The second theme is details, detail, details! The range hood is carved stone featuring a delicate pattern reminiscent of those seen on the façade of the Notre Dame. The lighting features ornate details, lending a palatial, luxurious air to the space.
What do you think, does it look Parisian? We say Oui!
paris kitchen slide paris sunroom slide