31 August, 2018

Pantry Pretties – Friday’s LiLu’s Look of the Day

Pantry Pretties are today's look of the day.  You know what I mean when we say Pantry Pretties...they are those beautiful, place for everything, no clutter pantries with great storage, sophisticated containers and labels!  We love designing kitchens with pantries here at LiLu. Pantries are one area that we excel at because they are such a vital part to every busy family.  Here are some ways to help update your pantry and make it pinterest worthy!

Custom Design

Pantries come in many different ways.  On Wednesdays' blog we showed a few different projects that we designed with different types of pantries.  You can read more about them here.  Details are so important when it comes to custom pantries and we get down to the nitty gritty.  Below is an elevation of a pantry we did for a client.  They were given rollouts, a spice rack, shelving on the back of the doors along with lateral file cabinets.  You see you really can have it all!  Pantry Pretties - Friday's LiLu's Look of the Day

Storage Baskets

Baskets are one thing that is wise to invest in to have them last a lifetime.  Here are few favorites of ours.  They can be found at West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Ten Thousand Villages.

Pantry Pretties - Storage Baskets Wire Baskets

Big wire baskets are perfect to store items on the floor of the pantry or on the lower shelves.  They add color and allow for easy grab and go.  Here are couple found at Williams Sonoma. Pantry Pretties - Wire Baskets

Food Storage Containers and Labels

How wonderful is it to walk into the pantry and be able to see everything and what everything is.  It is a lifelong dream and here are few ways to make it a reality.  Glass jars through Crate and Barrel, Target or OXO containers through many different retailers.  Labels are available through Amazon like these re-usuable chalk ones or through a vendor on Etsy like this one.  Pantry Pretties - Labels Pantry Pretties - Labels