26 September, 2018

Returning to the Great Indoors for Fall


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As the fall air becomes chillier and the days get shorter and darker, it becomes more appealing to be inside. This causes many of us to think more deeply about the interiors of our homes. It causes us to crave comfort and coziness, and maybe even a little luxury.


Think velvet pillows, cashmere throws. These tactile, luxurious fibers become even more appealing in the colder months. We are even seeing 100% cashmere rugs entering the market. Luxury for your feet! How amazing would it be to step out of bed onto a cashmere rug in the winter time?
Speaking of feet, another luxury that appeals in fall are heated floors. Did you know that you can also have warmers installed for your stone countertops? They keep the stone warm to the touch so you don’t have to experience a cold surface under your hands.
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Pops of richer colors become more appealing this time of year. Consider changing out your pillows with the seasons. Some of our clients have summer and winter pillows to change the indoor scenery seasonally. You can even switch out artwork to something seasonal. And you wouldn’t have to stop there… flat weave rugs could be switched out to something more plush.


We all know that music can change our moods. The combination of mood music in a well-designed space takes it to another level. Make sure to consider a sound system in order to support the way you want to use a space.
Here’s one you might not think of: as designers, we help clients to keep sound out of spaces too. The door to an office might need to be noise blocking to prevent disruptive noises.
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In the colder months, you will likely use your kitchen a lot more. We turn from the outdoor grill to the indoor cooktop and turn to comfort foods rather than the light and fresh faire of summer.
The smell of a pie or cookies baking in the oven warms our hearts. You could also consider a candle or scented oils that create this same feeling through the sense of smell.