05 October, 2018

Travel Color Schemes for your Interior-According to LiLu


Travel Color Schemes

Incorporating Color from a destination you have visited is one way we believe you can bring your travels home with you.  This week we have been featuring the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year: Cavern Clay. You can use cavern clay in many travel color schemes. Often times we have talked about how to incorporate your travels into your home in ways such as framing photographs in large formats for art or adding a collage of souvenirs.  Many of our clients pick up art along the way or a book. But what if you loved a place so much that it became the color palette in your home.  Your home should be where you surround yourself with things you love and mean something to you.
This Cavern Clay reminded us of the terrain in Sedona, Arizona: Red Rock Country and who wouldn't want to be reminded of this every day in your home.  Sedona is claimed to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth and we couldn't agree more.  Here are few photos that were taken on one of our travels.
Breath taking view overhead as you explore
The everchanging ground mixed with succulent plants
The textural ground below our feet