14 August, 2018

Organizing Your Home for Back to School-According to LiLu Interiors

Organizing Your Home for Back to School

It’s that time of the year! We are all in back to school mode. While the summer has it’s own rhythms, sports, outdoor activities and classes, back to school means a whole new level of organization at our home. Having every thing in place to make mornings smooth and keep paper work from school coming and going with ease always makes the transition to the school year a little smoother.
Five areas of your home are key to keeping things humming while everyone’s schedule ramps up.


Let’s face it no one enjoys the yell that starts with “Mom where’s the….?” Designing a mudroom with a separate locker, cubby and drawer for each member of your household creates an ideal way to reinforce the idea that you should keep your things where you can find them again.
My top tips are to make the hooks and storage appropriate for your child’s height and be realistic about the amount of storage you need. If every member of your family has 5 pairs of shoes and boots make sure you have the space for them.
Organizing your home for back to school-mudroom

Details: Spaces by LiLu Interiors

Command Center

I’ve heard the desk by the back door referred to as the “dump desk”.  If you call it the dump desk, I suggest you reframe this area in your mind immediately. Calling it your Command Center will give it a purpose beyond everyone literally dumping every paper and piece of mail on the desk.
We suggest having in and out slots for each member of the family and a shredder right at the back door. That way school paper work never gets lost somewhere in the house. And unnecessary papers never make there way into the house.  A large calendar can also be a great visual reminder of what the day or week holds and keeps track of all your activities at a glance.


Another cry that no one wants to hear is “my favorite…….is dirty” Organizing the laundry before school starts is essential. Just like an in and out box for mail and school paper having a separate spot for a laundry basket for each child is a great way of helping them be responsible for putting away their laundry and knowing when their favorite sweater or jeans needs cleaning.

Study Areas

A well-organized study area doesn’t have to be a desk in a bedroom but it is a needed spot in a home. It could be the kitchen island, a coffee table or a desk in a bedroom but having a clean surface, good light and a place to spread out your papers and books. For some this spot needs to be a quiet place but for others the steady hum of people can actually help them study

Details: Spaces by LiLu Interiors