24 August, 2018

Game Room and Hang Out Space Gear – Friday’s LiLu’s Look of the Day

Game Room and Hang Out Space Gear is today's LiLu Look of the Day.  This week we have been talking about how to be the house that the kids want to hang out.  It is quite simple. Give the kids big, comfortable furniture to pile on, a place to self express, space to eat and just be.  Simplistic is key and easy to maintain.

Sectional and Lounge Chairs

If your space can handle it a sectional is a great start for kids to be able to pile next to one another to play a game, watch a movie, read books, and even study.  Swivel chairs add flexibility to any space.
Game Room and Hang Out Gear

Moveable Lounge Furniture

Large floor pillows, move-able stools and ottomans are right up kids' language.  Keep your space fun, simple and easy to change.Game Room and Hang Out Gear

Simple Organization

Baskets and bins help keep organization easy and simple.Game Room and Hang Out Gear

Self Expression

There are many options for self expression and kids of all ages don't need much.  A chalk board, tackable surface, wire with clips are all options to help put their stamp on the space.Game Room and Hang Out Gear