12 September, 2018

Why Paris Inspires Us to Design


The city of Paris is an endless source of inspiration for artists and all types of creatives. Just what is it about this city that makes it so inspiring? Here are five things about Paris that inspire us to design, according to LiLu!
Wed Patina
Marble, metal, stone and wood all show signs of life and signs of wear. This changing of materials over time is accepted and even celebrated as an element that lends character and history to a material or object.
Wed Details
There is no such thing as an unadorned building in Paris! The carving details in stone are awe-inspiring.
Wed Color
From brightly colored doors to pastel macaroons, pops or color are everywhere, providing contrast to the stone buildings.
Wed Flair for Dramatic
A Flair for the Dramatic
Parisians embrace drama in architecture and art.
Wed Art
History, Arts & Culture
Paris is filled with art and culture. From the world-renowned museums, to street art, the city is brimming with creative expression.