22 August, 2018

How Do We Become the House Where the Kids Hangout? -According to LiLu Interiors

Design Tips for Becoming the House where the Kids Hangout

How many parents have this goal? Being the house where the kids want to hangout gives you unique connections to your kid’s peers. You have a glimpse into your child’s world that allows you to be closer. You get to enjoy the enthusiasm, energy and vitality of youth.
Creating the home where kids want to hangout takes planning and intention. Designing a home that attracts tweens and teens can be done. There are five key attributes to include in your hangout space that will make your home the favorite among the younger crowd.

Make a space for “Kids Only”

Create a space where the kids feel like they have their own space. Separate from the main areas of the home. This is often a lower level but could be an attic space or just a den area. Kids value independence and a space to call their own. They will feel more comfortable hanging out at a home that has a space just for them. For the kids make the space separate, for you create acoustic connection, so you have some idea when to make a “pop in” appearance.

Make the space Reconfigurable

By having the ability to reconfigure the space you can make it more comfortable for the kids. If they want to make a circle out of the seating one day, have it oriented toward a television another day or adjust the seating to surround a game table another day it gives them agency over their space. Think fort building for the older kid. Being able to change the space for what they are doing in the moment will make it truly their ownhow to become the home where teens hangout

Details: Fat Boy and Room by LiLu Interiors

Include Opportunities for Self-Expression

A spot for people to draw or write on a chalkboard wall is a great idea for this hangout space. If your child is into music make sure a keyboard is in the space as well as enough empty room to set up a “stage” to perform on. What ever your kid and their peers are into make space for them to express themselves.

Have a space for easy food prep

A snack bar that looks fantastic, is well-stocked with drinks and  easy to prepare snacks is a vital part of any tween/teen hangout. A sense of independence will also be supported by the opportunity to make their own food and not have to call on an adult to help themSnack bar in Teen hangout space

Details: Design by LiLu Interiors

Make the space Active

While there may be times when binge-watching you tube is the focus of the evening, every kid loves engaging in more active play. Provide a game table, ping-pong table or area for indoor bocce ball can make your home appealing. Think about how much arcades and bowling alley’s are popular. Creating a little of that atmosphere at home and combining it with free food will make your home the teen hangout spot