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16 February 2020
Why Wellness at Home Matters- According to LiLu When we talk about wellness often a spa or the gym might come to mind. But creating wellness into our everyday...
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12 February 2020
Here at LiLu Interiors we love to use our creativity to give back to our community and one way we do this by being a part of the decorating...
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9 February 2020
Overcoming Your Fear of Wallpaper- According to LiLu It’s been “on trend” for a while now but the truth is, our studio never stopped using it. For many it...
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5 February 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Arizona Gem: Peek at a Contemporary Construction Project A recent contemporary construction project has us working on an Arizona Gem. It is the perfect sized...
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2 February 2020
ACCORDING TO LILU Winter White Color Palettes Today Winter White color palettes by LiLu Interiors are being featured on the blog. Who knew there were so many whites?! (Well...
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29 January 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Remember this blog about our empty-nester couple who moved into a new, super contemporary house? If not, check out that blog to catch up! Today...
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26 January 2020
What Will You Do with Your Place in This World- According to LiLu At LiLu Interiors, we are asking this question in 2020, and we’ve reorganized our website around...
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22 January 2020
It’s all about the Transformation Modern Transitional: The art of marrying the traditional nature of the house with a more modern, clean-lined feel.  This was our challenge as we...
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19 January 2020
A Rejuvenating Bath -Practing Wellness at Home-2 Parts Design + 1 Part Habit Practicing Wellness At Home Creating ways to practice wellness at home is a trend that has...
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15 January 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT New Year’s Intentions for Your Home New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home, or what LiLu would like to call New Year’s Intentions for Your Home…What’s the difference, isn’t that the same thing? One could...
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12 January 2020×1024.jpg DESIGN HOUNDS NOMINATION-PLEASE VOTE Before we get into the blog today, I’d like to share some exciting news! 2020 is off to a fun start! I am honored...
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7 January 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT A lower level hang out doesn’t have to feel cave-like! Check out this sophisticated lower level we designed as part of a larger project. The...
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5 January 2020
According to LiLu: A 2020 Look at Interior Design Trends Be Authentic In this 2020 look at interior design trends we will look at five strong trends for the...
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1 January 2020
Happy New Year’s!  The LiLu Interiors Design Team is still out of the office enjoying time with Family and Friends but we wanted to give you a post of...
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29 December 2019
According to LiLu: Living with Intention by Design in the New Year While New Year’s resolution are a common theme at this time of year, when I searched New...
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25 December 2019
It’s that joyous time of year to deck the halls and gather family and friends to celebrate the season. For our peek at a project we are sharing a...
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22 December 2019
According to LiLu: Shelly Mosman Portrait Artist Nostalgic, evocative, and intriguing the portraiture of Shelly Mosman has the power to take the viewer on a fanciful trip to another...
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18 December 2019
PEEK AT A PROJECT: Home Accessories Today on the blog, we want to take you through a part of the design process that we don’t often talk about- accessorizing!...
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16 December 2019
Healthy Home Tips: Blog Round up It’s hard to believe we are not just closing out on a year, but an entire decade.  Amazing things took place in the...
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11 December 2019
Fresh, Glitz, and Cozy: The Master Suite Edition Fresh, Glitz, and Cozy along with restful and modern danish we the words our client used to describe the master suite...
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