15 March, 2020

Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind : According to LiLu

Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind- According to LiLu

Bathroom Design Wellness in Mind

Today, we are  focusing on bathroom design-wellness in mind.
A Few weeks ago we wrote about the reason Wellness at Home Matters. The we followed up with two posts on kitchen design and wellness since the kitchen is one of the main spaces that we remodel and which has a big impact on the health and well-being of your family.
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Think of all the things you might visit a spa for and imagine that you could have these types of experiences at home. Some of you might be able to conjure up an image of a spa and get an idea of what the feeling and atmosphere is that you might want to create at home. That is a great place to start with inspiration for a wellness focused bathroom remodel or design.
The basic parts of self-care and hygiene in the bathroom are obvious. I want to take you through the key ideas that could level up the wellness in your home bathroom remodel.
Bathrooms are somewhat unique because they need to deliver both invigorating and relaxing experiences. In the morning when you are preparing for a busy and vibrant day you need stimulation. In the evening or after a difficult day in the world you might use wellness routines in the bathroom to wind down and relax.
Keep in mind the basic of wellness at home still apply. The considerations I am about to discuss are unique aspect you should consider for a bathroom remodel or design.

Ease of Movement

Space planning a bathroom that allows easy flow of traffic and different zones of activity ensures your bathroom will not induce stress.
Ensuring clearances exceed minimum standards is one important aspect of creating ease of movement.
Laying out a space where doors don’t conflict with the function inside the bathroom is paramount also.
Designing different zones for toilet, cleansing and daily grooming can keep the bathroom calm. In addition, germs are less likely to spread if dirty and clean zones are separated.
This before and after of a recent remodel we designed is a demonstration of how a well-designed layout can support unrestricted use of the bathroom.
Bathroom Design Wellness in Mind
Minimize Visual Clutter and Ease of Use
We’ve already discussed the ill affects visual clutter can have on your health and wellness in our blog about kitchen design with wellness in mind. It bears repeating.  This is a similar concern to our discussion about a kitchen remodel, however the types of storage and solutions in a bathroom are unique.
Creating storage that is easily accessed and simple to use keeps you calm and makes self-care a pleasurable experience. The flow of activity remaining seamless brings a sense of bliss to the space.
Having tools, implements, medications and supplements at hand but behind doors can be achieved in many ways. Cabinetry can keep visual clutter at bay.
Disposing of dirty laundry is a necessity in a bathroom as well as hiding that function can also be done in ways that does not create visual clutter.
Below are some photos of easily implemented storage strategies for bathrooms.
Bathroom Design Wellness in Mind bathroom design wellness in mind Bathroom Design – Wellness in Mind

Safety and Security

Not having to consider whether a floor is slippery, if surfaces are free from germs and mold and knowing you are in a space that will keep you free from injury is one of the most basic building blocks of a wellness-oriented bathroom. It is an important one.
While most falls in the home do not occur in the bathroom. The ones that do occur here are more likely to cause injury that results in a visit to the doctor or hospital, especially for older people. The combination of water and hard surfaces in bathrooms make it important to have one of the focuses for wellness be a sense of safety.
Basics like slip-resistant tile, installing grab bars and limiting the need for throw rugs upon which one might trip are good ideas to use in any bathroom.
Using materials that are easily cleaned and maintained will limit health hazards. After all the goal for a wellness-oriented bathroom should be to have clean air and surfaces so you feel safe and clean.
We recently designed this shower where three walls and the bench are made from solid material, the other wall is extremely large-scale tile. The goal was to limit grout lines and joints which can be susceptible to developing mold and can be more difficult to clean.
Using counters and other materials that are not porous and are more impervious to staining and retaining mold, mildew and germs and contaminants is another key concept. This prevents germs from lingering on surfaces and limits the need to use toxic cleansers.
Slide27r Bathroom Design | Wellness In Mind Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design – Wellness in Mind
 In order to truly relax and enjoy bathing, a sauna or steam, privacy is paramount.
Different people have different needs for level of privacy.
Creating a layout that has zones of privacy is one way of having a space that supports use by a couple, who might be engaging in different activities. A bath in a nook that is tucked away, a separate toilet room, shower or sauna area can all support privacy. Having privacy prevents stress and promotes wellness and serenity. A good strategy for bathroom design wellness in mind
We talked about the general need for access to natural light and views of nature for wellness at home. And in the bathroom a concern for privacy can conflict with this need for connection to nature.
One solution is too incorporate live plants into your bathroom design. Below are a couple of illustrations of this idea.
Using window treatments that allow a view of the sky while creating privacy inside the home is an option to keep natural light that provides a mood boosting element to your bathroom. Natural light also provides vitamin d which is critical to well-being and is especially important in Minnesota in the winter when time spent outdoors is more limited and sunny days rarer.
Another is to use glazing that can transform itself from clear to opaque to provide both access to views and privacy.
Bathroom Design – Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design-Wellness in Mind

Flexible Lighting

Supporting wellness in the bathroom creates unique lighting demands. As I said, in the morning, many of us want the bathroom to deliver an invigorating experience. We are focused on preparing for a day in the modern world that requires focus and energy. We are performing grooming tasks that require what we designer call “critical task lighting”
The lighting plan in the morning ideally would mimic the color of the morning sun and wake our senses the same way the sunrise does.
Light that mimics the sun produces the same feel good hormones that a walk on a sunny beach does and can actually help you produce vitamin D the way the sun does too. These two things will support your health and wellness and boost your emotional health and are especially critical for Minnesotans in the winter. When remodeling, you should consider both the placement of fixtures and using some full-spectrum light bulbs for the best affect.
Have you ever stood at the sink in the morning and wondered why you have dark circles under your eyes after a good night’s sleep? Chances are if you have a bar light fixture above your mirror, it’s the lightings fault, not your sleep routine. Seeing yourself look tired and worn in the morning doesn’t boost your mood or your self-esteem. The good news is if you light your face properly it boosts your mood and makes critical tasks easier to perform.
At the vanity to create the best light for applying make-up, styling your hair, shaving and performing all your grooming tasks is to locate the light source from each side of your face as well as from above. This eliminates shadows allowing you to see your face clearly. Plus, you will just look better and younger.
In the evening, when you are looking to your bathroom as a place to relax and unwind, softer, dimmer lighting is more desirable.
Consider using ambient lighting to create a quiet, relaxing mood. Lighting below vanities or glowing from above cabinetry is one way to have mood lighting. Also using dimmers on all lighting is an easy way to control the light level.
Today’s LED lighting can also change colors and be used to have a chromotherapy session as you soak in the tub in the evening. Cooler colors like green, blue and indigo are proven to soothe and have a calming effect. Blue lights have been used both in improving jaundice in infants and arthritic conditions and other pain in adults. There is more research being done every day on chromotherapy and its benefit.
Bathroom Design – Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design-Wellness in Mind

Bathroom Design Wellness- Engaging the Senses

Fully engaging all the senses is a unique opportunity in the bathroom. When the goal is relaxation layering multiple sensory experiences can be a game changer. When daily stress in today’s world can sap your energy and depress your mood, relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep is more important then ever to many of us with demanding schedules.
We’ve already discussed how lighting and chromotherapy can engage your visual senses and have a positive influence on mood and pain level. That is a key factor in Bathroom design wellness in mind.
Touch is another sense that can be engaged when bathing, showering and taking a sauna. Surfaces should be smooth and soft feeling. Towels should be lofty and soft. Adding a warming element to tubs, seats and towels is also a recommended way to up-level the positive affect on your relaxation.
Aromatherapy through steam or diffusers is another way to engage the sense. Aromatherapy can be used in the morning to increase energy and in the evening to relax. Different scents have different effects, so it gives your complete flexibility in engaging your sense of smell.
There is also a benefit to having a sound system in your bathroom. We talked a bit about how noise pollution can create a variety of poor influences on your wellness. To have a positive influence playing soothing music or nature sounds can be relaxing, lower blood pressure, pulse and reduce stress.
Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design – Wellness in Mind Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind

Bringing Intention Home

For more than a decade, LiLu Interiors has been designing intentional living environments that reflect the singular values and needs, lifestyle and aesthetics of each individual client. With care, joy and trust, we’ll creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Intentional design, no matter the style, requires thoughtful attention to detail and deliberate choices.
Let’s make life better. Let’s bring your intentions home.
If you want to create a bathroom or home focused on wellness please give us a call. 612-354-3271
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