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17 June 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Anatomy of a Decorating Project: The Middle The middle portion of a decorating project. We don’t often talk about this. We always talk about the...
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14 June 2020
A Guide to Ethically Sourcing Textiles According to LiLu World DayAgainst Child Labor At LiLu Interior we are committed to sustainability in our interior projects. This guide to ethically...
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10 June 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Lake Cabin Here is a sneak peek at the initial design concepts for a new construction lake cabin in Wisconsin. We are excited to be...
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3 June 2020
Up Close and Personal with our Construction Documents Package A couple of weeks ago, we shared a Master Suite Transformation from beginning of design to end. Today, we want...
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31 May 2020
Naz and Design for a Difference According to LiLu Design for a Difference and NAZ As Interior Designers, our mission at LiLu Interiors is to use our talents and...
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27 May 2020
Peek at a Project: Master Bedroom Decorating Project Ever wondered how designers start a decorating project? Or wondered what happens if a client doesn’t like a design? Well you...
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24 May 2020
New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess I first met Stacy Kunstel at Blog Fest, sponsored by Kravet in 2011. At the time, she told me she had a candelabra business....
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20 May 2020
The Inside Look to a Master Suite Remodel Designed Remotely Master Suite Transformation happened right when quarantine started to take shape we had just signed up these amazing clients...
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17 May 2020
The Revival of the Balcony According to LiLu The Revival of the Balcony For urban dwellers, while we spend more time at home, the balcony has become a desirable...
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10 May 2020
 Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior- 5 Key Ideas -According to LiLu Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior While our homes are now the center of the whole circle of our lives. That...
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6 May 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Anatomy of a New Construction Project: How We Get Started Designing Dream Homes Have you ever wondered how you would even start to design your...
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3 May 2020
Wellness Bathroom Design Trends | According to LiLu Wellness Bathroom Trends Wellness bathroom design trends are becoming more important in today’s world. Making your home into a haven with...
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30 April 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Refresh: Mixing Old with New Wondering about mixing old with new? Looking around and thinking you would like to give your room a refresh? We...
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26 April 2020
Full-Service Remote Interior Design Full-Service Remote Interior Design-What Does that Mean? We shared a couple of posts on how LiLu is working with clients across the country and locally...
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19 April 2020
Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space -According to LiLu Outdoor Living, Dining and Working Today we are sharing backyard design ideas to expand your living space. At...
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18 April 2020
MEET THE ARTIST Oh how I love finding a new artist I didn’t know about! Enter potter Adam Field. He’s not new to the game, just new to us!...
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15 April 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Accessories are an important part of any room. Follow along as we chronicle this project that started as a remodel and ended as a fully...
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8 April 2020
What’s it like Designing Remotely If you have been on social media in the past couple of weeks or in touch with any business (most businesses) you may have...
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5 April 2020
Virtual Meeting Background Design Made Simple -According to LiLu Virtual Meetings We have all been suddenly propelled into a work life full of virtual meetings and virtual meeting background...
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1 April 2020
Embracing the New Normal A few weeks ago if you would have said the whole world was going to be working from home (if not an essential business)  as...
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