01 April, 2020

Create Moments of Happiness Throughout Your Home

Embracing the New Normal

A few weeks ago if you would have said the whole world was going to be working from home (if not an essential business)  as well as distant education we likely wouldn't have believed it, but here we are.  You have probably found yourself noticing new things about your home these last few weeks such as how you need to clean out the closets, but have you also noticed how your home makes you feel?

  • Do you feel supported to do the tasks you need to perform each day?
  • Do you find yourself distracted from work because of all the to do's?
  • Did you have to rearrange your entire home to make multiple work places for members of your family?

We get it!  At LiLu, we are all about finding out how your home makes you feel.  We love to share the message of how your home can support your intentions for how you want to live.  Whatever kind of home you live in it can be a haven for you through intentional design. When your home supports you then everything flows -  the daily tasks, family dinners, and even working from home.  We can't promise you that there will no longer be sibling arguments or that you will still need need some space from one another, but we can promise that making small changes will have a big impact!

Creating Moments of Happiness Throughout Your Home

Today we are going to focus on one of the ways in which your home can support you: Creating Moments of Happiness Throughout Your Home.
At LiLu Interiors, we focus on elevating your everyday experiences. You deserve to have each day feel more joyful and full of beautiful little moments, especially as a parent.  You may or may not have the capacity to hire a designer, but today we are sharing some conceptual ideas and tips of how to have your home bring you joy and be a place that functions for how you want to live your best life.
Think about what makes you happy or brings you joy.  What brings your partner joy? Your children?  Is it a favorite color, a type of animal, a favorite piece of art?

  • Paint your wall your favorite color. Maybe it is your front door so as you enter your home it just sparks joy.  Find throw pillows or bedding that showcase the color.
  • Find fabrics and textiles that offer comfort and layers in your home. Think of creative ways to use them.
  • Have fresh flowers in your home, put them on your nightstands or on the bathroom counter. If they are in unexpected places throughout your home you pass by and your mood can be uplifted.
  • Set your intention to use special objects in your home
    • Display them! I know this might seem obvious, but I know a lot of people with china sitting in boxes in their basement (myself included)
    • If you love it, if it brings you a happy memory of someone then let’s bring it out. Your home should be a reflection of you and your family, not a showcase of design trends that you see on Pinterest or how something should look
  • Display photos of the ones you love
    • Surround yourself with photos of family and friends or artwork that comforts you.
    • How many of us scroll through our phones looking at pictures of our children after we put them to bed? There is something about seeing the ones we love and the memories we have created.
    • Also, did you know that a child seeing their photo on display in your home can boost self esteem? It sends a message that they are important in your life and you honor the memories that you have created.  When my daughter has visited my work, she beamed when she saw her artwork and her photo pinned up on my board.  Just think of what it is like when you see your photo someplace.  This single element in self can signal haven, that safe place for you and your family.

So just go for it.  If it brings you happiness or sparks joy then it belongs in your home, all design trends aside.  Because trends will always come and go, so do what speaks to you.
Check back for additional posts on how to continue to have your home support your intentions.
Creating Moments of Happiness
Use materials and finishes in your home that are a reflection of who you are and what you love.
Creating Moments of happiness throughout your home
Don't forget about lighting. Lighting makes a big impact on how your room feels and light fixtures make a statement, let it be a joyful one!
Create Moments of happiness
Display the things that are meaningful and that remind you of family and friends or happy moments in your life.
Create Moments of Happiness
Display your collections and talents in your home. You have collected them for a reason so don't let them collect dust in boxes.
Create Moments of happiness
Use color!  This could be on a wall, or the floor or in smaller touches like a chair or decorative pillows.
Create Moments of Happiness
Use art of all kinds of artwork throughout your home.  It's amazing how artwork uplifts your spirit and brings you joy throughout the day.
Create Moments of Happiness

Comments on Create Moments of Happiness Throughout Your Home
  1. Elizabeth Scruggs says:

    Love all the color in this post!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    These are such great suggestions for creating moments of joy in your home! And you’ve provided such inspiring examples!

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love this-“trends will always come and go but you should do what speaks to you.” Great post and graphics as always!!

  4. mitzi beach says:

    We are on the same path Lisa thinking of how to make our homes be happy places that help lift our spirits through whatever gives us joy.
    Your lists of suggestions are so valuable in themselves and then you add all these teachable images on how to to implement your points.
    Great timing on what we all need today….more happy moments!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, you have provided so many ideas to create moments of joy in a home. I’m sure there is something for everyone! I know for me, it’s adding color. Whether it be through toss cushions or art, I’m always looking for ways to add pops of color into our home.

  6. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love all of the images you’ve shared, Lisa, about how to incorporate those *moments of happiness* into our homes. I especially loved how you designed that desk into the fireplace wall and how you gave your client that loves the red micro tile, a double does of it! It shows how well you listen to what makes THEM happy.

  7. Julie Ann says:

    What a great topic to write on! It actually reminds me to Alexndra Stoddard’s books, if you’ve ever read her. (From the early 1990’s) And you’re graphics made me feel happy too!

  8. Leslie Price says:

    I always love to see your work! I agree that fresh flowers are a must! So many great ideas here – I’m going to get busy in my house, right now! Thanks for sharing!

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