15 April, 2020

A Tale of Three Pots: Accessories for a Fireplace Mantel


Accessories are an important part of any room. Follow along as we chronicle this project that started as a remodel and ended as a fully accessorized, gorgeous room for one of our most favorite clients!

We say it all the time at LiLu: “We are full service interior designers!” But what does that mean? It means we will help you with any design problem you have! We design down to the last detail. Often the last detail, the finishing touch, is accessorizing a room. Take a peek at this project as we finalize accessories for a fireplace mantel while working remotely.
We’ve decorated just about every room in this house. One of our more recent projects was the living room. We created an overall design and furnished it. (See this blog about that portion of the project.)  Then we accessorized the space. (See this blog for more about the accessorizing.) But the couple really wanted to find the perfect piece of art for above the mantel themselves, so we waited until they did.
Well…they’ve found it. The painting was lovely, but a little under scaled to visually complete the whole fireplace/mantel ensemble. So together we decided that additional accessories were needed to sit on top of the mantel to create a finished composition.

Oh, the Possibilities!

We thought long and hard about the overall composition, the scale of each piece, and the mix of materials. Since we can’t meet with our clients in person, we created visual aids to show them how groups of accessories would look together. Here are the multiple options we presented to our clients.
accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg

Drawings Make Perfect

Our clients decided that they liked the composition of Option #2 best. A mix of three porcelain pieces by an artist who can make his pottery in custom sizes. The next step was to decide exactly what sizes we needed. Here’s our drawing showing the scale of the painting and pottery pieces together with the architecture. (Did I mention that this is a custom mantel and surround that we designed for this client? More on that here.)
accessories-interior-designer-55405.jpg fireplace drawings
“So what’s next?!” you ask. Perfection takes time! We’re having the painting professionally framed, gallery style. And we’re having the pottery custom made to size. So stay tuned to upcoming blogs for install shots!
Want to know more about the pottery artist? What a coincidence, that is the topic of our next blog! Hold tight friends!
pin this 1 interior-design-accessories-fireplace.jpg

Comments on A Tale of Three Pots: Accessories for a Fireplace Mantel
  1. Wendy Woloshchuk says:

    What a great way to show the process! The custom accessories are going to be perfect.

    1. Robin Pedrero says:

      What a great title. I really am fond of these vases! I am pining to save for later.

  2. Jillian says:

    That pottery is so beautiful, and I live your mockups. Those most be so helpful for the client.

  3. Leslie Carothers says:

    Lisa ~ I love, love, love this post. And how great is it that you have a client willing to invest in custom made pottery to get the perfect scale. This is exactly what full service interior design means, you are right about that. And the fact that this was all done virtually makes it even more wonderful! I can’t wait to read about the artist, and to see the finished install!

  4. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, this is so great. While anyone can go and grab off-the-shelf pottery and accessories, you are showing another way to get THE look (by working with an Interior Designer). I love that you are showing this process and how it can be done virtually.

  5. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a beautiful finish this will be! That pottery is GORGEOUS – looking forward to reading that post too!

  6. Maria says:

    Love the way you walk us through the process Lisa!

  7. Elizabeth Scruggs says:

    I love how you show each step- so helpful!!

  8. Christina Rodriguez says:

    So nice! I liked option 2 the best as well.

  9. Amy Wax says:

    I love your process in this post and the pottery you chose is just perfect! Great post

  10. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great ideas and I love those pots!

  11. Suzi Rugg says:

    Thank you for the lesson on composition! This is very helpful!

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