11 March, 2020

Bohemian Eclectic Living Room


Intrigued by the adjectives Bohemian and Eclectic? Then this blog post is for you! We’re currently in the design phase for a living room in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis. Our clients are an empty nest couple who are ready for a living room refresh. And they’ve got a lot of goals they wanted to achieve for the redesign of this space.

Design Goals:

1.) Really, really comfortable furniture.
2.) A new vibe.
3.) Honoring tradition.
4.) Being Green.

1.) Really, really comfortable furniture.

The client is ready to get rid of their current upholstery pieces that have taking a beating from raising three boys! They are ready to invest in quality furniture that will last through grandchildren, and maybe even be passed down to the kids someday.
We made sure it was super comfortable by inviting the clients to come and sit in furnishings that we pre-selected in our to-the-trade-only showrooms. This helped us to guide them to the perfect pieces for them- because every body is different. We’re customizing seat depth, back height, arms, legs, etc. to create the perfect seating pieces for them.

2.) A new vibe.

Our clients found LiLu Interiors in a Minneapolis St. Paul magazine article, where we had been published for adding color in unexpected ways to a prairie style architecture home. Here's the magazine article about that project. They resonated with the eclectic mix of ideas blended with the home’s traditional architecture. So they called us because they wanted COLOR in their traditional home.
Side notes:
Interested in reading more about our colorful project referenced above?  Here is the link to our portfolio for the Posh Playhouse 2.0
Want more? That's not the first home we did for this color-loving family. Here is the link to a Midwest Home magazine article about that client's first home that we filled with playful color. And here's out portfolio page.

3.) Honoring tradition.

These clients are not interested in getting rid of everything they own and starting over. They have many pieces that they have collected and loved through the years. All of their art pieces have a story. Accent furniture pieces  have been handed down through family and carefully selected throughout life’s travels.
At LiLu, we always say that we don’t want friends and family to walk into a client’s home and say, “This looks like LiLu Interiors designed it!” Guests should walk in and say, “This is so YOU!” A big part of achieving this is really listening to clients and finding a place for their treasured pieces within a space.

4.) Being Green.

Our clients let us know that being green and caring for the earth is a core value they hold. This guided many of our choices. We’re reupholstering an ottoman instead of throwing it into a land fill. We also selected a rug that is made of old, worn vintage rugs that would otherwise be thrown out. They take these rugs, cut them up, and put them back together in a patchwork pattern. Then they are overdyed and voila! A new-old rug with a story that is not living in a landfill!
We also incorporated a new material on the market called Organoid. Organoid is a material that can be applied to many surfaces. We’re using it as cabinet door fronts in this project. It’s made of harvested and preserved prairie grasses and wildflowers. Our clients LOVED it when we showed them a sample because it’s so….THEM. It’s an earthy, unexpected touch that really resonated with their Bohemian sensibilities.
Doing projects centered around a client’s core value of being Green and Sustainable is nothing new for LiLu. Check out this Net Zero energy project where we partnered with Sala Architecture to support this client’s passion for all things Earth friendly.
rug-boho-eclectic-design-living-room-minneapolis-interior-designer-55405.jpg boho-eclectic-design-living-room-minneapolis-interior-designer-55405.jpg BOHO-ECLECTIC-DESIGN.JPG

Comments on Bohemian Eclectic Living Room
  1. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this space turns out.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a great project! I love the repurposed rugs and new organoid materials! And YAY for clients that value sustainability and quality and for their wisdom in choosing the perfect designer :)

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great ideas, I love the overdyed patchwork rugs and they are perfect for a Bohemian vibe.

  4. Julie Ann says:

    How fun it must be to have such inspiring clients! I love learning about new ideas and innovative projects. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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