17 May, 2020

The Revival of the Balcony-According to LiLu

The Revival of the Balcony
According to LiLu

The Revival of the Balcony

For urban dwellers, while we spend more time at home, the balcony has become a desirable space. We are definitely seeing the revival of the balcony.  We are helping several clients create a more welcoming, livable space on their balconies.
The unique thing about a balcony is that it is usually partially enclosed but looks out at and is connected to the outside world. If you live in a condominium or apartment, it may be your only outdoor space. It allows a unique opportunity to be in your home and engaged with the scene on the street.
You may have seen on the news or on social media, people using their balconies in new ways. Performing concerts, working on artwork, leading exercise classes all from their balconies. As we move into a different phase of our quarantine, I think the balcony will continue to play a wonderful role in the urban dweller’s life, a space to extend into during the summer. So today I am sharing five ways to create a more cozy and functional outdoor space on your balcony.
If you aren’t a city dweller. We wrote the Backyard Design Ideas post just for you.
The Revival of the Balcony-Balcony Inspiration

Details: A  Ginny’s Club by Ferrell Mittman  |  B  Hollis Chair by Theodore Alexander  |  C  Viceroy Recliner by Thayer Coggin  |  A64 Chair by A Rudin  |  E  Cortona Lounge by Berman Rosetti  |  F  Canterbury Chair by Patricia Edwards

Balcony Inspiration

As the quarantine started and then expanded across the globe, I was inspired to see artists and others using their balconies as places of inspiration.
In St. Paul, a violinist started playing for her neighborhood from the balcony of her brownstone, across the world, singing and playing instruments has been a common way of creating community and sharing a bit of joy with others.
I follow a group of urban sketchers on Instagram, who normally roam the streets of cities across the world and create artwork. Seeing them turn their balconies into work areas where their world becomes smaller but oh so inspiring has been a true delight.
Check out the work of Maru Godas on Instagram @marugodas She had a large sketch pad that was unused because it was too large to carry around the city but took the opportunity of working at a much larger scale while staying home.
This urban sketcher, Lapin, has made an incredible study of the succulents on his balcony that are incredible and show you don’t need to have a large place to create beautiful and observant of your surroundings. See his work on Instagram @lapinbarcelona
The Revival of the Balcony-Design Inspiration The Revival of the Balcony-Design Inspiration The Revival of the Balcony

Create a Cozy Balcony Seating Area

It's not just artists and performer who are wanting to use their balconies more this summer. One way the revival of the balcony is apparent to LiLu Interiors, is that we have been asked to create new lounge areas for several clients on their urban balconies.
Adding a pair of cozy lounge chairs, an end table and maybe an outdoor rug to your balcony can expand your living area for the summer.
The balcony can be a great place to have a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. Reading a book on the balcony on a Sunday afternoon would be delightful.
We put together some balcony mood board just for this blog post that is shoppable. If you need a quick fix for a balcony set up just click on the image below the mood board for immediate shopping gratification. We may receive a small commission on some purchases but your price will be the same.
The Revival of the Balcony-Lounge Seating The Revival of the Balcony-Urban Living

A Balcony Dining Spot

Most balconies in the city aren’t spacious but creating a dining area for two is easy. A dining table and a pair of chairs can create a bistro atmosphere right in your own home.
Additionally, a dining table and a comfortable chair on your balcony can give you a second place to work on your laptop this summer, when many of us will still be working at home. Why not turn your work at home experience into the best experience.
Remember you can click on the images  below the mood board to shop.
The Revival of the Balcony-Outdoor Dining

Consider a Balcony Garden

For many of us, we are wanting to limit shopping trips these days and perhaps into the future. I know we are putting a few raised beds in our backyard to grow vegetables. But urban living doesn’t mean you can’t garden. Add planters to your balcony to grow vegetables, fresh herbs or just add beauty to your balcony with plants and flowers.
Remember the urban sketchers? They are drawing inspiration from the balcony gardens they have in their own urban homes.
The Revival of the Balcony The Revival of the Balocny The Revival of the Balocny The Revival of the Balcony-Design Inspiration The Revival of the Balcony-Design Inspiration

Comments on The Revival of the Balcony-According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Oh Lisa ~ Reading through this post gave me shivers. You KNOW how much I love illustration..and that I have an urban coastal balcony full of succulents, cacti and a few herbs, too, thrown in for my eating pleasure! I just love these illustrators and what they are doing and will be following them, pronto, on Instagram.
    Thank you, thank you, too, for the outdoor living furniture ideas. I love them …and especially the brightly colored ceramics which are so perfect for #DesignHappyLiving!
    Thank you for not forgetting that not everyone has a huge outdoor living area, but that #balconyliving is a *thing* and that any outdoor space can be spruced up with a few of the right pieces of furniture, accessories, a little bit of lighting and a great indoor/outdoor area rug!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and your family, Lisa!

  2. Carla Aston says:

    Love the idea of a balcony as an extension of your home. My daughter has a tiny one in LA, crammed with plants, a chair, and a tiny grill.

  3. Linda Holt says:

    I love this post Lisa. Our small patio is only slightly bigger than a balcony and I have big plans for it. I love some of your furniture picks and plan on checking them out more in detail.

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    Balconies are such happy pockets of outdoor living! Great selections – I love the Seasonal Living archipelago selections!


    This post just made me so happy thinking about all of the inspirational videos I’ve seen of people singing during this crazy time. Love love your mood boards!

  6. Christina Rodriguez says:

    I love everything in this post! Makes me wish I had a balcony. I don’t though. I live in the country (sort of) and I do have a front and back porch so these ideas would work there too!

  7. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I LOVE this post. Such wonderful ideas! My balcony is my favorite place in my home and this year turned it into a rose garden. It is my happy place. Love all your selections for the setting up a beautiful balcony. They are so cozy and inviting.

  8. Suzi Rugg says:

    Love the inspiration of the sketch artists! Great ideas for the urban balcony!

  9. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I love the way you created moods for each ‘function’ for a balcony. From a sitting space, to a dining space, to a lounge. Great selections you’ve pulled together.

  10. Jillian says:

    Love the work of those artists you highlighted! I’ve followed them on Instagram. Very inspiring!

  11. GARY PETTITT says:

    Lisa – How gorgeous…..Inspiration from the heart and soul translated into art and then beautifully presented products with pops of gorgeous ceramic colors and layers of texture. Fabulous job, thank you for inspiring us all with your creativity. It’s great to see so many turning back to an elevated form of life outdoors – the rest is for the birds :)

  12. Blair Jonas says:

    Great post Lisa. Very inspirational and it inspires me to get outside during this beautiful, albeit short season in our great city of Minneapolis. My daughter lives on the third floor balcony in her apartment complex and is growing Swiss chards, tomatoes and oregano. She also acquired a dated lounge chair left over from my patio freeing up for me a spot or two for some of that beautiful Seasonal Living product featured on your post.

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