10 May, 2020

Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior : 5 Key Ideas : According to LiLu

 Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior- 5 Key Ideas -According to LiLu

Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior

While our homes are now the center of the whole circle of our lives. That means we need different spaces within our homes to support different needs, we as humans have.
LiLu Interiors’ mission is to design homes that align with your intentions for your life. You might find you are thinking more deeply about how you are living and what your goals are for each day. If you are thinking about re-designing both your life and your home and aren't sure where to start, please take the first step of reaching out to LiLu Interiors and asking us more about how we can help.
We have already written about one part of life that your home may need to support in Work from Home: Home Office Design Tips and we have a whole category on our website devoted to the active side of live Be Productive.
Being productive is great but we all need time to Rejuvenate too!  To really relax and rejuvenate you need a soul-soothing interior. This could be a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Whatever the room there are 5 Keys to designing a soul-soothing interior that feels like a warm, cozy hug from a good friend.

Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

One key to designing a soul soothing interior is using a calm color scheme that creates an enveloping feeling. A monochromatic scheme in a cool or soothing color is a short cut to creating a soothing space. Monochromatic means one color. In interior design, we often use shades of one color to design a calm space. The simplicity is unifying and visually calm,
Here are some example rooms. Notice the color schemes are primarily tones of one color. Soft greens, blushes or soothing blue-greens are great colors to choose for a serene effect.

5 Keys to Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior 5 Keys to Designing a Soul-soothing Interior

Combine Soft and Cozy Textures

To get the soothing feeling right you must incorporate soft, cozy textures. A monochromatic scheme is pleasing to the eyes and has an immediate effect of lowering heart rate and blood pressure if the color is calming. We recommend engaging all the senses when you are designing a soul-soothing interior. Touch is a very important aspect of how we, as humans, engage with our environments.
On the floor and on furnishings if you use soft fabrics with cozy textures you will find the interior even more soothing. Imagine a sofa as comfortable as your favorite robe and carpet that is soft and welcoming as your favorite slippers! These are the kind of soft and comforting textures you should work with to up the serenity factor.


Use Lighting to Create Ambience

Lighting that is soft and evokes the light of a soft dawn or a quiet dusk is another strategy for designing a soul-soothing interior. Always use a dimmer on the overall lighting in your room so you can take the light down in conjunction with your circadian rhythms. Using dimmer light in the early morning and in the evening has a calming effect. It mimics nature in a way that is soothing to our eyes and nervous system.
Incorporate lamp lighting that also dims so the light is different levels in different areas of a room. Think about the effect of a soft fire in a forest clearing. Dim at the edges of the space and even falling off into the darkness. With a warm center where a bit more light gives a sense of welcome and security. This is the type of safe cozy feeling that we respond to well to.

Layer in Comforting Accessories

Another key to designing a soul-soothing interior is layering in comforting accessories in the form of soft pillows that you can hug on your lap and throws that you can wrap around you and add a bit of calming weight on your lap.
Have you seen the meme on Instagram about pillows being the adult woman’s version of a stuffed animal? I guess I buy it. Having a pillow on your lap gives a bit of the same sense of security that dragging a stuffed animal around with you did when you were five.
Remember to use the same soft cozy textures on the accessories that you did on the major pieces in the room to keep in calming.

5 Keys to Designing a Soul-soothing Interior

Style with Visual Harmony

Another way to design a serene space is by keeping your styling and accessories simple.
Use items that have some interest in shape or color but don’t contrast sharply with the surrounding environment. Friendly and soft shapes are a good bet for a comforting look.
This is another opportunity for designing a soul-soothing interior that connects you to nature. Using floral or plants as part of your accessories and styling scheme will engage sight and smell and offer a way to fully immerse yourself into the soothing, rejuvenating essence of the experience of relaxing at home.

5 Keys to Designing a Soul-soothing Interior pin this 1 Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior pin this 1 Designing a Soul-Soothing Interior Before after decor bedroom

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  1. Jillian says:

    Such good tips. All of these elements are so important but especially lighting. I don’t know how anyone can relax in a room at night that doesn’t have floor and table lamps.

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    The idea of this sounds so wonderful right about now, Lisa. That pale pink breath of a room is so gorgeous! Thanks for inspiring me every week!

  3. Linda Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa – that pink bedroom is so dreamy!

  4. Carla Bast says:

    That bedroom is my favorite! Great ideas for a comfortable and a serene space during these crazy times!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I love these 5 keys that you have pointed out. They are so helpful and I especially love the lighting tips as well.

  6. Christina Rodriguez says:

    Great tips! Makes me want to get started on my own home.

  7. Suzi Rugg says:

    Great tips! Iove the monochromatic with the cozy textures ideas!

  8. mitzi beach says:

    Wonderful tips on creating soothong spaces Lisa. My favorite was the pink bedroom…so yummy!

  9. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great tips! I love the idea of using color, lighting and soft cozy accessories. There is nothing like a room that you just feel so wonderful and cozy in that you want to stay forever!

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