19 April, 2020

Backyard Design Ideas to Expand your Living Space : According to LiLu

Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space -According to LiLu

Outdoor Living, Dining and Working

Today we are sharing backyard design ideas to expand your living space. At this time of year, we all look forward to start using our outdoor living spaces. It is an exciting time when you can move out onto the porch, unearth the patio furniture and venture outdoors for a meal.  As soon as the sun starts to linger and the days get longer we want to move outdoors. Right now, more than ever, we are thinking about expanding our living space to include outdoor areas. And there are so many opportunities! Living areas, dining areas, outdoor kitchens, space to play and a variety of outbuildings can be pleasant destinations. And this year we may even be thinking about work areas. Why not take your work outdoors if you can? Our outdoor spaces offer a change of scenery and a different experience.  It is all about the experience! We approach designing outdoor spaces like we do interior spaces, with thoughtful planning and intention. Don’t fret however if you wish to create an inviting outdoor space this year and haven’t started planning yet. There are many resources available who offer in stock furnishing options so you too can enjoy your dream outdoor space this year.

If you are curious to see how we approach and outdoor design project read this post to see the process.

Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

Backyard Living Areas

Take your living room outdoors. Outdoor furnishings and fabrics have come a long way. Gone are the days of only mesh loungers and rockers. There are what seems like an endless number of options of comfortable seating with cushions so it is truly like having your living room outdoors. You can find outdoor loveseats, sofas, lounge chairs, and sectionals all with cushions in outdoor fabrics. Add a coffee table, end tables and an outdoor rug and you can arrange a complete outdoor living room for the family. With modular pull apart options you can have the flexibility to create different arrangements. And for those outdoor areas that are unusual spaces, how about a curved sectional? With a variety of finishes and materials there is a look for everyone. 

Rachel Moriarty Design does a wonderful job of creating modern colorful living and dining spaces for her clients in San Diego. Below we are sharing her work to inspire you!

Don’t forget to look for those opportunities to create a quiet space for one to read or nap or enjoy the view. Backyard design ideas can expand your lounging possiblities.

Backyard Design Ideas-Expand Your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas for Expanding your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas to Expand your Living Space

Dining Areas-Backyard Design Ideas

Warmer weather brings the opportunity for an additional place to dine together. Dining outdoors can be a memorable experience and feel like a break from the routine. Consider creating a space to dine outdoors. With many in stock dining furnishings immediately available you can expand your dining space this year.

A few things to consider when you are creating an enjoyable dining experiences outdoors: ambiance, size of your family, and comfort. To create a memorable dining experience set your outdoor table the same way you would indoors. Think of the mood you wish to create. Consider a bold centerpiece, colorful place mats and lit candles.

Need more inspiration for setting an outdoor table. Below are some shoppable items to add ambience to your outdoor table.
Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

Backyard Work Area Design Ideas

With many of us working from home the summer months offer a new possibility, working outdoors.  It can be a pleasant experience if you are set up to do so. With laptops and working remotely it is easy to work anywhere so why not take your work outdoors? The fresh air, the nature sounds, and the view can all be a peaceful setting to get work done. A few things to think about to ensure your productivity and efficiency aren’t affected. Light control. You may need to find a spot under cover to be able to view your computer screen. You can tuck under a tree or arbor or think about an umbrella that offers flexibility. Also you need to be comfortable, ergonomics still matter! The relationship between work surface and seating needs to be considered as well as the type of seating for support. With a little thought you can set yourself up to work outdoors. 

Need more advice on the ergonomics of a work space? Check out our blog post on home offices for the basics.

Outdoor Kitchens

For backyard design ideas in addition to living rooms and dining rooms, kitchens are yet another room that can be designed as an outdoor space. You can take this as far as you wish to go. Basic cooktop functions or complete kitchens with refrigeration and sinks can be designed like this residence in Hawaii. Have some fun with it and think of the type of cooking you would enjoy. Consider an outdoor brick oven for pizza night! 

Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

Designated Outbuilding

Another backyard design idea is transforming a shed or pool house into additional living space. A pool house could be flexible space to serve as guest room, office space or extra living space. Home Glow Design found opportunity for their client in an unused shed.  They transformed the space into a beautiful functional work space expanding their clients living space. Rachel Moriarty also found opportunity for her client to expand their living space in an underused patio space. Fully furnished for lounging and dining it is now a destination that the whole family enjoys. When you look for opportunities you can expand your living space to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space Backyard Design Ideas for Expanding Your Living Space pin this 1 Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space pin this 1 Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space pin this 1 Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space pin this 1 Backyard Design Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Beautiful inspiration, Lisa! I cannot WAIT for it to get warm enough here to set up the deck! I work out there whenever possible in the summer months surrounded by herbs and flowers and the antics of our backyard birds and chipmunks…it is both relaxing and inspiring, both of which are sorely needed about now!

  2. Linda Merrill says:

    Great tips for different spaces Lisa!

  3. Robin Pedrero says:

    We were actually just sitting in our backyard trying to decide what to do! Perfect timing.

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Beautiful photos and inspiration. Just today I was fixing up my own deck! Love all the color in Rachel Moriarty’s designs and what a transformation in the unused shed!

  5. Leslie Carothers says:

    What exuberant inspiration and colorful images! I loved seeing Rachel’s outdoor living space here,too, Lisa! Total eye candy!

  6. Rachel Moriarty says:

    Great inspiration!! Outdoor living spaces are my absolute favorite!

  7. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, you have provided so many great inspirations! We are in the process of interviewing Landscape Architects for our backyard makeover. While I have a very good idea of what I am looking for, I wish to have all the plants professionally planned out (which plant should go where, etc).
    Although I do love our yard, I am looking forward to having a better outdoor space to enjoy during our very short summer season.

  8. mitzi beach says:

    I love your suggestion Lisa of taking work outdoors which I do whenever I can accomplish this welcome diversion. Your examples were fabulous as always but I really loved the shed to office space.
    I will be looking at your ideas again on my pins from you as we work on our very small patio in our last best nest home.

  9. Amy Wax says:

    I loved all the colorful outdoor spaces you featured, every one of them was so inviting. It’s also great seeing Rachels outdoordesigns. So much inspiration in one blog post, great job!

  10. Linda holt says:

    Great post! Never before have I craved an outdoor space more than I do now. Spending seven weeks (and counting) inside has me ready to bust outside as soon as it warms up.

  11. Suzi Rugg says:

    Great ideas! I LOVE the colorful ideas for the backyard space! Thank you for the post I’ll be following!

  12. Deborah Main says:

    Wow Lisa, you really outdid yourself on this post!! I can’t believe all the incredible ideas and beautiful photos. These design tips are SO inspiring it makes me want to immediately set up all these different areas on our patio. Thank you for the Outdoor Living inspo!

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