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2 September 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT I Want a Powder Room on the Main Floor Our client was excited to find a home in a St Paul neighborhood she loved! However...
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30 August 2020
Dog-friendly Interior Design with Intention Thinking through how you will live with your dog in your home is key to loving your dog fully. If your home fully supports...
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26 August 2020
The Soft Side of our Master Suite Transformation A couple months back we shared this, Master Suite Transformation.  This project began to take shape right when quarantine began and...
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23 August 2020
Design Your Second Home for Full-time Living According to LiLu A New Design Problem for 2020 We’ve recently encountered a new design problem: How to Design Your Second Home...
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19 August 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT The Outdoor Living Room with Fireplace: Peek at a Project Having a place to gather outdoors with family and friends is ideal. A space that...
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12 August 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Multi-Functional Home Office Multi-Functional We designed this multi-functional home office space for a client and her daughter to work from home, provide a space...
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9 August 2020
Designing a Dedicated Study Space at Home According to LiLu Designing Dedicated Study Space at Home Today we are talking about designing a dedicated study space at home. As...
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2 August 2020
Extending the Outdoor Season According to LiLu Outdoor Living Longer into the Fall? That’s right, we’ve figured out the key to extending the outdoor season. We’ve all been enjoying...
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30 July 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Why does no one use this room??? That was the question. Some of the best lake views anywhere on Lake Minnetonka and yet no one...
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26 July 2020
The New Third Space-Part Two According to LiLu The New Third Space at Home-Part Two Last week I wrote about the third place and I’m doubling down this week....
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22 July 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT From Southwest to Contemporary, A Powder Room Transformation From Southwest to Contemporary, A Powder Room Transformation here is a sneak peek at a remodeling project...
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19 July 2020
The New Third Space According to LiLu The New Third Space at Home Should we be designing the new third place? Recently, I was talking with a friend who...
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15 July 2020
From Spare Bedroom to Cozy, Pleasant Den this is a sneak peek into one of our latest decorating projects for a client who needed a space to be re-thought...
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10 July 2020
City Charm According to a LiLu Client Location and Charm Alison is a hospitalist with a passion for travel—often to Hawaii, where her grandparents met. She recently moved from...
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8 July 2020
PEEK AT A PROJECT Check out this small bathroom remodel we’re designing right now. This small bathroom in the lower level functions well, but it’s look is definitely out...
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4 July 2020
A Guide to American Makers According to LiLu A Celebration of Creativity All across the United States there are people dedicated to creating beauty, these are American makers. On...
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1 July 2020
LiLu Interiors and Summer Fun Summer Fun!!!  Did you know that Lisa Peck started LiLu Interiors July 1st, 2008???  I think this is in part why we, at LiLu...
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24 June 2020
Designing an Outdoor Getaway at Home With more of us spending time at home with our families or small gatherings it has caused many people to pause and reflect...
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21 June 2020
 Warm Neutrals as Wall Colors- A Guide Today I am offering a guide to warm neutrals as wall colors, for many homeowners selecting a wall color is a daunting...
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