13 May, 2019

Charming Lake Home: LiLu’s Peek at a Project

Charming Details

This Charming Lake Home is a new construction home in the Suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul is today's Peek at a Project. We have been sharing this new construction home over the last few on our Peek at a Projects. Today is the final peek as we share the dining and kitchen.  Click through to see overall concept and entry here and the master and guest bathrooms here, Library and Laundry/Mudroom see here.

It's in the finishes

When you look through on the different peeks you will notice various forms of gold and silver finishes used throughout the home.  The clients love brass and gold tones and we were thrilled to be able to use this finish in an updated way.  Many times people associate gold or brass with dated homes but not us.   Throughout the home we mixed satin brass, brushed bronze, satin nickel, and bright brass with one another through light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures.  In doing this the home becomes timeless and you may not be able to associate a time or year that this home was built.  Rather the beauty shows through.
Dining and Kitchen 2

Beyond design

This charming lake home has been a wonderful  project to work on.  We couldn't not talk about how this home in all of its' charming details is also an Aging in Place home. The entire main level has everything one would need to live from a master suite with bathroom, kitchen, and laundry.  You are able to live fully as you live out your years.
Dining and Kitchen Dining and Kitchen 3
We hope you enjoyed our sneak peeks into this New Construction Charming Lake Home.  We love and enjoy working all types of projects from new construction to full home remodels, to your kitchen and baths.  Your intention that you set forth for the project is what we are after and what we strive for in the end goal. What project do you have?

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