25 March, 2023

Springtime Beauty: A lake home makeover

For some of Lilu’s clients, a remodel project is part of settling into a new home. But when a homeowner stays in the same home for years – or decades – their needs change. Families move through different life stages with different demands. The Lilu team cultivates relationships with homeowners so we can help them balance a core expression of their personal style with their evolving ways of living.

Our Lake Minnetonka clients have lived in the same home for almost 30 years. When they moved in, the couple was parenting teenagers. Now, they’re grandparents, savoring family time, entertaining friends, and looking ahead to the long-term future. They would like to age in place, so they envision a time when their household could include a live-in caregiver. See the entire project Timeless Treasure Two and the rest of the home, Timeless Treasure.

A Lake Home Makeover With Distinctive Style

Lilu Interiors has collaborated with this client on 7 projects over more years. The earliest projects focused on helping them make their home more their own. This recent project focused on developing a distinctive signature.

Some approaches for this achieving this:

  • Using an area rug they’ve owned from the beginning as the most prominent visual element for their dining room.
  • Selecting an unusual pale, soothing blue color as the base for the entire home
  • Commissioning custom pieces of furniture, including bridge and mahjong tables, the couple and guests will use regularly.
  • Installing a four-chair lounge on the porch, so it felt less like an afterthought than an intentional center of activity.
  • Adding a movie room to a space with a separate entrance. If needed, this can become a private living unit should they hire a caregiver.


"Lisa’s team has completed about 7 different projects for us over 20 years. The first time I hired her, my husband and I were in our forties with teenagers. Now, we’re closer to 70 with grandchildren. I consider her a friend. The entire staff is exceptional – reliable and ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy! I trust Lisa, so I feel comfortable stretching beyond the familiar to create a cozy, usable home for our family. She’ll present me with three options for a design, and 9 times out of 10, I can pick one of the three. By the time the project begins, 99% of the details have been handled in her plan, so I know everything will come together perfectly. Now, Lisa’s working on my daughter’s home.”

Lake Home Makeover Colors

A pale, soothing blue base color – unusual enough to inject energy and curiosity – brings a feeling of intimacy throughout the home.

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover Porch

On the porch, we installed a four-chair lounge with a warm, cozy ambiance for entertaining or enjoying a quiet family evening. This is truly the epitome of springtime beauty: a lake home makeover.

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover

Distinctive Custom Design

Custom pieces, including a server, bridge, and mahjong tables, communicate the homeowners’ personality and way of life.

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover

Honoring Personal History in a Lake Home Makeover

A richly colored area rug in the dining room is a source of emotional continuity across this couple’s life history in the home.

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover

Flexibility for the Future

The movie room holds the present and the future. For now, it’s an ideal place to watch their favorite films and shows. When the time comes, it can easily be converted into a caretaker’s apartment.

Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover




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Springtime Beauty: A Lake Home Makeover

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  1. Amy Wax says:

    What a beautiful home, and the opportunity to work with clients as their needs change shows how well you understand your clients style and evolving needs. A great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Linda Merrill says:

    What a lovely update Lisa – so nice to have long time clients ! I love the star shaped ottoman!

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