27 December, 2022

Living with Intention by Design in 2023

By now we're all familiar with the yearly phenomenon of New Year's resolutions, but apparently this year Google suggested a daunting 55 to choose from! To avoid winding up completely overwhelmed and possibly doomed for failure on January 1st, I'm opting instead for just one resolution: living intentionally. What does that mean? For me it’s been about 12 years in the making - learning why intentional living can be so rewarding has become something like a crash course over these past few! Luckily though creative thinking allows us plenty of breathing room when fitting many different objectives within our umbrella term 'intentional', meaning each morning brings refreshed opportunity to breathe life into your intentions anew.

Succeed At Living with Intention by Design: Create habits.

If you want to set new intentions, one thing that can really help is making sure whether or not it should be a daily habit. For example, keeping up with your five-item gratitude list every day - now that's dedication! But if weekly or quarterly goals are more of what suits your lifestyle then check this out: Read Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before for expert tips on how to make successful habits and Daniel Pink’s When for guidance on when the perfect opportunity may arise to start something fresh. Start New Year off right by becoming an intention maestro – create meaningful rituals today!


Living with Intention by Design 2023-Reading


Well-Being in 2023

Helping your family find balance and joy in 2023 is a top priority - that's why we're here to show you how the home can support healthy living habits. Through fresh, homemade meals, regular exercise routines, and dedicated self-care moments; wellness isn't just a big subject but has become an integral part of everyone’s lives right now! Visit our blog for the amazing content on designing spaces in order to create positive intentions at home: from creating a soothing bathroom oasis with ‘Wellness in Mind’ design tips to setting up optimal kitchen layouts which nourish body & soul.. Let us help guide you through this journey towards meaningful well-being goals!

Living With Intention By Design In 2023

Living with Intention by Design 2023-Sleep Well

Reading for Adventure

Looking to live intentionally? Reading isn't just for fun, it's a way of life! Treat each month like an adventure in your own personal library. Set up the perfect book nook and get ready to immerse yourself into stories you never thought possible. From cozy chairs to ambient lighting all that’s left is picking out which story will take you away first - so grab that bookmark, open those pages and start living with intention today!

Living With Intention By Design In 2023

Living With Intention By Design 2023



Creating Connections by Design

I intend to step up my hosting game in 2023! Why not transform your space into an inviting hub of connection for family and friends? The LiLu team specializes in creating cozy, personal setups that make the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations. To see what it looks like when done right, just check out their two magnificent rooms - you won't be able to help but feel inspired by these dreamy design ideas!

A new room designed for gathering can help you with your Living with Intention by Design in 2023 goals.

Living With Intention By Design In 2023 Gathering

Living With Intention By Design In 2023 Gathering

Elevate Your Everyday Experiences

Any year is a great one for focusing on (and improving!) our everyday experiences!  We expanded our outdoor living space and made room to have al fresco dinners, hang out around the fire pit in the evenings, AND tend to our little garden. Beyond that - I started an indoor houseplant habit which has become my favorite ritual; even through winter days, there's something calming about caring for some greenery each day. To add to this list of self-care habits & goals, I decided it was finally time to improve my sleep situation by investing in an organic mattress/topper combo with fresh bedding crafted from a deliciously soft cotton...because why not? When you practice Living with Intention by Design in 2023, you are sure to have a fabulous year. Here’s looking forward to seeing what else 2023 brings us all!


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Living With Intention By Design In 2023

Comments on Living with Intention by Design in 2023
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great suggestions, Lisa! I especially love the idea of improving everyday experiences – something as simple as always setting a beautiful table for meals goes a long way toward adding a little luxury to the ordinary. And I’m trying to up my winter indoor houseplant game too :) with mixed success…

  2. Amy Wax says:

    What a heartwarming post, thanks for sharing and I wish you a new year that is as soothing an comfortable as the designs you create so beautifully!

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