17 June, 2019

Downsize Downtown – Peek at a Project

Business of Downsizing

Downsize Downtown is today's Peek at a Project.  LiLu is in the business of helping clients navigate various stages of their lives and a recent project has us designing a space for a client moving from a larger home into a smaller condo.
The design process starts with thinking about what our client’s lifestyle is going to look like, how it is going to change. The scale is an obvious place to start, paring back the number of furnishings and being thoughtful about what will work and have purpose in the new space. But more important than a new space plan, we help guide our clients through the process of identifying how they wish to live in their new space.

Client’s List of Wants, Needs and Desires

For this client downsizing into a downtown condo means hosting young grandkids overnight, entertaining friends for dinner and having the freedom and convenience of downtown condo living. One part of our overall plan involves looking at how each space will support our client’s goals. A kid friendly space for grandchildren, an inviting conversation space and comfortable dining space for adults and being thoughtful and intentional about identifying fewer pieces that bring joy and purpose.

Process of Design

Part of this process is taking a look at what pieces our client already owns and deciding what could have new life in the new space. This is where the talents of our trusted reupholstery workroom become an integral part of the design process. We decided to give our client’s comfortable dining chairs a fresh start with a new fabric. And an old favorite, a wood carved settee, a new look by replacing the colorful contemporary fabric with a softer, quieter woven fabric. In the old home the settee was an accent piece and in the new condo it fits nicely into the conversation area. Taking what’s familiar and re-imagining it for the next phase of life. What phase are you in right now? What changes would need to happen in your home to support your current lifestyle? Whether it is downsizing or moving out of your starter home LiLu can help you navigate the process and find the right answers to having a home that supports you.
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