15 April, 2023

A New Use for an Old Porch

Our client needed a new use for an old porch. When they moved into their home over 20 years ago, they were a young couple with tweens. Now they are grandparents and wanting to reimagine the use of spaces that aren’t being used in the same way they were.

When we first designed this home for them, the porch was used to entertain, play games, bridge, and mahjong or sit down for a chat. Over the years the porch was used less often but it opens onto one of the best views in this lakeside home. Our clients asked us to redesign the room to make it more welcoming for lounging, reading and perhaps a spot for a sleep over for the grandkids.

Porch Before

The porch before was designed to bring a traditional feeling to a bit more modern home. The game table and chairs were reused from a former home where they served as a breakfast table.

The sitting area is petite and included a short sofa and comfy lounge chair. The classic Leopard Rose rug and many of the furnishings are off to other good homes where they will be well loved.

A New Use for an Old Porch

A New Use For An Old Porch

The Porch Plan

The new plan simplifies this porch considerably and will make it feel more spacious. The two facing daybeds will be perfect to lounge and reading or taking in the view. One expands into a queen bed and will make the space perfect for three littles to have a sleepover.

I can imagine our clients enjoying a calm summer day here relaxing.

A New Use For An Old Porch

Furniture and Custom Solutions

Once we had the plan in place for our New Use for an Old Porch Project, the next step was finding the perfect furniture pieces to support the plan. We selected daybeds with a broken back so the view would be as unobstructed as possible.

We also decided to include a bar cart in the plan to add flexibility and the option to serve refreshments while lounging. And a small pouf to add seating or an option for putting your feet up and looking out at a different view.

Since these daybeds were a little basic for our client’s tastes, we added some detail to the skirt with a buttoned pleat. We also designed some custom pillows with large pom pom trim on the face for an added custom detail.

A New Use For An Old Porch

A New Use For An Old Porch


Layered Lighting

This porch previously had little lighting and was used exclusively during the day. Now that it will serve as a sleepover spot we added lamps for reading to the mix along with a bubbly hand-blown glass chandelier to create a ambiance.

We replace the track lighting used to uplight the vaulted ceiling with updated track lighting. These three sources of light will create layered light that will provide both ambiance and practical lighting.

A New Use For An Old Porch


A New Use for an Old Porch Material Palette

Much of the home has been updated in recent years to a fresher color palette that uses a soft blue green. These other rooms often have this color mixed with muted plums and brighter pinks and blues. We choose a more monochromatic approach in soft tones in the porch to create a calm, cool atmosphere essential for relaxing on a summer day.

Curious about how this porch will flow with the entire home?  See the rest of the home in Timeless Treasure Two and the rest of the home, Timeless Treasure.

Crisp textures and fun trims will engage our clients visual and tactile senses in a soft and welcoming way.

A New Use For An Old Porch

See Porch Progress

If you would like to see progress on this project as our New Use for an Old Porch Project comes together, follow us on Instagram. You will see some progress shots as we install this porch in the coming month.



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A New Use For An Old Porch

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  1. Amy Wax says:

    I love how you rethought the space and made it more functional (and beautiful!) Great post, I’m inspired to rethink the spaces of my own home.

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